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Action / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.2 10 268


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by miagary-94971 1 / 10

Feces just Feces!!!

I'm speechless! It's a joke! I can't believe Michael Jai White accepted this role! He's awesome, but he must have needed the $ bad.

Reviewed by aalshariefee 2 / 10


There is nothing good in this movie and the actors look like they know that it is a movie

Reviewed by ravencorinncarluk 2 / 10

Lame with hardly any good fights

I didn't expect a whole lot, but somehow my expectations were still too high. The dialogue is atrocious and delivered poorly. Some of the characters quip like they know they're in a movie. What few fight sequences there are have been chopped to pieces. The motivations seemed like they existed just for the writer to attempt to make some statement about the military complex.

Only gets two stars because Michael Jai White is awesome. Even though he was clearly phoning it in for this movie.

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