Vampires vs. the Bronx


Comedy / Horror

IMDb Rating 4.6 10 422


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by faer_kr 5 / 10

It's not terror

An adventure film with light touches of suspense. It is not a horror movie far from it. It is about a real estate agency that wants to establish itself in a neighborhood by buying everything when in reality it is a sect of vampires and some teenagers discover them and set out to dismantle them. Entertaining Quality. The fields look like something out of Twilight. Most of the effects are well achieved, only two or three are not. Predictable like all of its kind. A movie to spend the afternoon. In moments of Spanglish. For the title one would expect a lot more but it really doesn't. Not suitable for susceptible in question of religion. It fulfills its function which is to entertain.

Reviewed by babelak-750-436357 8 / 10

Vampires as a metaphor for gentrification, wrapped in a solid, fun horror comedy.

Lots of in-jokes for fans of the vampire genre, likeable leads and a lot of laughs. A good family film. Great for fans of Stranger Things or Attack The Block.

Reviewed by genaro-47303 10 / 10

Very good for a new production

This is a good production, this is something different, is about the Bronx, shows in part the reality in the bronx, nobody cares if you disappears in the Bronx

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