Undercover Cheerleader


Crime / Drama

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Sarah-Jane Redmond as Coach Dot
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paulmueller-858-539929 5 / 10

A Title which leads you to believe there will be cheerleading

The name says it all undercover cheerleader so you would expect this to be an expose on cheerleading but you would also expect to see some cheerleading routines in this movie about cheerleading. However this Quasi Nancy Drew type plot has really little to do with cheerleading itself. There is one routine at the end of the movie they indicate their going to try to regain their national championship title however I've seen stronger routines out of a mini or youth group than out of this senior squad movie was entertaining enough if you want a who dunnit type or Nancy Drew type special, however if you want a cheerleading movie like bring it on. Rewatching bring it on

Reviewed by tomfsloan 4 / 10

There's been better.

Here are my thoughts. Plotwise, it took forever to get something to actually happen. Unlike normal Lifetime movies, the first half hour was closer to Romy and Michele, or Harry Potter, or Nancy Drew, or something like that. The plot synopsis sounded much better than the actual movie. Some scenes had descent acting, other scenes...uh-uh. Such as the pointless pizza scene with the mom. In fact, every scene with the mom hurt. The party scene seemed endless. Typical useless police. On the plus side, the cinematography and music were pretty good.

Reviewed by damiensweeth 3 / 10

Good story, bad writing

Well, I've seen better acting in bad B movies Story is OK, but writing is so bad, lots of goofs It's watchable, if you have to

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