The Mechanics of Love



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Shenae Grimes-Beech as Matti Dupree
Lochlyn Munro as Doc Dupree
Emily Tennant as Clare Dupree
Tyler Hynes as Jake Henderson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rebekahrox 4 / 10

Dude. Run for the Hills!

I'm used to dumb stuff to choose to overlook when I am looking at Hallmark or Hallmark-style movies. But this one takes the cake for the most petulant, stupidest, most incompetent bride ever. With about a week to go before her wedding Emily Tennant plays the bride who hasn't done her seating arrangements, hired a caterer, purchased flowers, decided on a cake, or chosen her colors yet. All she does is sit around and whine about how her wedding is "out of control" as far as complications, guest list, and expense. All things she has complete control over. Oh and she's an artist, so it's not like she has an inflexible 48 hour a week time-suck of a career.

She viciously turns on her sweet fiance who had the utter gall to give her a fun jokey gift of muffin tins for a surprise extra gift for getting their marriage license. She sulks for days over this and almost cancels the wedding. She is petulant and unreasonable over everything. She selfishly and thoughtlessly disappears on her wedding day throwing her family and her fiance into a panic just so she can sulk some more.

The main lead, her sister, Shenae Grimes, arrives to save the day and while she is back home, dump her bad boyfriend, quit her engineering career as the head of design to become an auto-mechanic, and find a new boyfriend. Tyler Hines is as reliable and attractive as the new guy who has loved her since middle school.

The only thing I loved about this disaster was the bride's head dress which was gorgeous and very unusual. Yes, unfortunately for the groom, the wedding took place.

Reviewed by Purple_Converse 5 / 10

The band... really good! This movie definitely has better music than you've come to expect from these kinds of movies.

Apart from that, the movie seemed a little phoned-in. Not bad, but not good either. I watch a lot of these, so I knew what to expect! Wouldn't re-watch.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 4 / 10

What did I miss?

I can't really say anything interesting happened in this movie, either good or bad. The movie isn't horrible, but neither is it good.

I thought it started pretty good and I was looking forward to getting to know Matti and maybe watch her fall in love. Did that even happen? I think it did, but did it show on the screen, because I didn't see much to indicate that until the kiss at the end. I think the writers spread the story out too much among maybe 6 people and as a result diluted what might have been an interesting story.

The acting was OK, more like so-so. Someone said they phoned it in. Yeah. I've seen Tyler Hines in several things and he's pretty steady. That's about the best I can say for him in this movie. Shenae Grimes-Beech was also so-so. The character with the most life was Emily Tennant. She wasn't the lead, but she wasn't far from it.

I'd say the story was predictable, but that would assume that something happened to predict.

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