The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride


Action / Adventure / Animation / Drama / Family / Musical / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by suicune_tudor 10 / 10

A Excellent Movie

This is one of the best animal movie I have ever seen. It is almost as good as the first one. The music is excellent. I really loved the song "Love Will Find A Way" and "We Are One". It's a pity that the song "Love will Find A Way" wasn't nominated at the Oscar. Even though the producers didn't worked with Elton John or Hans Zimmer, the soundtrack is awesome. A must have-one. And a must-see movie. I hope that Lion King 1/2 is as good as this two movies. And it will be great if they would try to made a prequel of the Lion King. Firstly, when I first saw this movie, I didn't liked it very much, but, after I watched it the second time, I changed my opinion. My TOP 5 Disney movies is : 1. The Lion King, 2. The Lion King 2, 3. Beauty and the Beast, 4. Lady and the Tramp, 5. The Little Mermaid. I am sure that this movie will be highly depreciated and remembered in the next 50 years.

Reviewed by anna-trujillo13 7 / 10

Better than most sequels on Disney Classics

I feel like this movie could of been so much better if it was introduced properly, and more effort was put in to match the beauty of the original. Having the outsider lions added in was a very interesting twist, but the way they introduced them just made it seem like they needed a new antagonist. If the creators took the time to have a flashback of Simba banishing these lions, and what exactly these lions did that lead to their banishment, would of really helped the story.

Timon and Pumbaa (who were some of my favorite characters from the original) just seemed to have forced comedy, and not really a place in this movie. The whole idea behind the story however, was fascinating, which made for a better sequel than most of the sequels released by Disney. Most of the original Disney movies are wrapped up so nicely, leaving no room for sequels, this is not so much the case with "Simba's Pride". The creators found an interesting way to bring back the wonderful world of The Lion King.

I really liked this movie when it came out, and I still like it now as a young adult. I just feel like it was a lazy sequel, and could of been so much better. It is NO where near as good as the original Lion King, but that is expected. The Lion King was probably the best movie Disney ever released, and in my opinion, one of the best movies ever! Having a sequel to match that success would be challenging.

Overall, I did like this movie and the storyline. It just didn't have the same WOW factor as the original Lion King. In the original, the music was booming, the scenery was spectacular, the animation was brilliant, and this is all toned down in "Simba's Pride". Would I watch it over again, however? Absolutely!

Reviewed by amcmartinez 10 / 10

Excellence at its best...why so many haters?

So I finally decided to break down and write a review for Lion King 2. I might seem like I'm ranting but I'm just so tired of people bashing this work of creation. Lion King 2 is not bad! ITS NOT! And I guess a lot of people are saying it is because they are expecting to see Lion King all over again. Well my advice to those is to hit the replay button on LK because its not happening. Sequels are not meant to be exact replicas of their predecessors. So, those who are looking for that with this movie are going to be rudely disappointed. Having that said, I think it can be agreed that LK2 brought something a little new to the table.

So first for those people complaining about the animation, it didn't suck. Either I'm blind or you are because I see the same quality animation as the first. Now I will admit LK2 wasn't as "flashy" as the original but it's not supposed to be. Its animation is more toned and a bit darker to fit the mood of the script. We can see this by just looking at Priderock , which had been shown from the other side to convey the shadowy feelings of Simba.Well since I brought that up I guess I'll start off with him first. Simba ,of course, is a big part of the movie. He is seen struggling to deal with his lingering hatred of his uncle Scar. He holds this resentment against Kovu and the Outlanders. Kiara is the daughter of King Simba making her a princess. She is strong minded and very independent. We can see this from her desire to do things herself and staying true to her heart. Bad-boy Kovu on the other hand is a lion trained by his evil mother, Zira, to befriend Kiara so that he may overthrow Simba thus, avenging Scar.

In the end Kiara and Kovu fall in love and show others that love is the most important thing above all, no matter what you look like or come from. So the two groups put an end to their bitter feud and decide to join together . They now see that there is no difference between them because they're all lions; They are one.And so the light finally shines on the other side of Priderock. The story actually gives an eye opening lesson to people. We shouldn't judge others by their race or their background. This is still an ever so prevalent issue in our society that I wish would just disappear. Well that's the lesson I got from watching this movie. It seems though that some people forgot their "Upendi" and "Hakuna Matata" back in Neverland because they're so oblivious to the fact LK2 is a stunning movie that conveys a strong message.

This movie was fantastic! Whats not to love? The animation was on key, the plot had good substance, and the characters are lovable and totally unforgettable. What more do you people want?! Not to mention the amazing song "We Are One" which makes my eyes turn into Niagara falls every time I hear it. *Sniff Sniff* (Now I miss Mufasa)...anyway. Asides from Lion King I don't think this movie could have did any better. Kudos to you Disney! Anyone who disagrees,oh well, I guess thats just you and your narrow minded opinion. #LEH

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