The Huntsman: Winter's War


Action / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 19%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 95458


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Chris Hemsworth as The Huntsman / Eric
Sam Claflin as William
Charlize Theron as Ravenna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by artmania90 2 / 10

Like watching milk mold

It's astounding how bad "Huntsman: Winter's War" is. From the preposterous title (it would appear that the story occurs in springtime, and that the one battle in the film is a tiny 10-person battle in a throne room) to the absolute lack of reason, sense, or skill, this coldly-received sequel to an already flawed film (Snow White & the Huntsman) is like finding a diamond in the rough in terms of bad movies. In a way it's almost good how bad it is. Almost.

The movie is narrated by Liam Neeson with empty phrases like "lands to the North" and "the Good Queen built a fortress around her heart." We meet the Evil Queen from the first movie (the absurdly over-the-top Charlize Theron who is the only fun role in the film) and her sister, Elsa -- I mean Freya, a woman who's heart was broken and uses her ice powers to turn her hair white, adopt an icy wardrobe, and reign in an ice castle on top of a mountain. Her ultimate character arc is the discovery that love can ultimately be a good thing. She didn't even have to sing "Let It Go" to figure it out.

Simultaneously we have a remake of "Braveheart" occurring, as we meet the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth reprising his titular role) and his love affair with fellow huntswoman, Sara (with an off-again on-again Scottish accent). Declaring their love for one another in a forbidden encounter, the Huntsman all but states that he "wants to raise crops and God- willing a family" with his new lover. A stroke of misfortune leads him to believe Sara is brutally murdered, and thus the war is launched. I mean the battle that takes place in the last 3 minutes of the movie.

In reality, the plot seems to be about the group of heroes (the Huntsman, some of the dwarfs from the first film (whoever wanted to come back, I guess), and some other female dwarfs) on the hunt for the Magic Mirror, hoping to find it before Evil Queen Freya reclaims it for herself. Like the ruby slippers, it's said to have dangerous powers, but I am sure as hell unaware of what those powers could be (aside from being able to judge the hotness level of women like a caddy bitch). Why this is so important is never explained, nor are any of the plot details seemingly relevant at any one point. The story is vapid, lifeless, thrown together. As I was watching this film, things kept happening, but overall nothing was occurring. I began to doubt the reasoning for this movie's existence other than an attempts for a cash grab (the original made over $400 million in sales... This one barely made $160 million against a budget of $115 million. Ouch).

If you need an example of what is wrong with the Hollywood system right now, then "Huntsman" seems to be a textbook example. From the overly-choreographed fight scenes, Lord of the Ring's-inspired mythology (which seems to be the standard for fantasy films nowadays), and the rehashing of characters both living and dead with no regard to story (how many times can Charlize Theron come back to life without absolutely flushing brain power down the toilet?), the film churns along from one predictable beat to the next, and by the time it ends it's hard to remember that there are actually decent movies made anymore. To watch "Huntsman: Winter's War" is to lobotomize a part of your brain. Movies can be art, and they can be moving, and they can be thrilling. This movie is the cinematic equivalent of expired milk.

Reviewed by meraioana 5 / 10

The story lacks depth

The movie is OK on its own...sort of. It just feels so disjointed from the previous one. Even the feel of it is off. I wish they wouldn't have warped the entire story and I believe they should have still gone with Stewart despite the scandal. I thoroughly enjoyed Snow White and the Huntsman, where the huntsman had a connection to her...while here, the romance seems flimsy and lacks depth, the imagery is off as well, everything is way too happy - you can easily tell it's a different director. Furthermore, because of the feelings he made known in the previous film, the huntsman's relationship his 'beloved' feels false and forced. Basically, if they weren't going to carry on with the tone and direction of the initial movie, they should have just left it alone.

Reviewed by alextoaderweb 10 / 10

In my top 10

Mirror mirror on the wall.. Define me a good movie. Oh that is very simple - a movie that is entertaining, relaxing, makes you smile, address your imagination, it has a good pace, you're not bored one moment and you come back to see it. This movie - has all that. I cannot think of a better movie than this. For me this felt more like LOTR but more chilled and I had more confidence in Chris. I made an account to write this review after seeing the existing reviews. I hope they will make more of it. Thinking of better movies... Warcraft? Is good but the rhythm is not as good nor is it so positive and relaxing. No country for old men? It has a rubbish ending. True Romance? Maybe... that also has moments where you want to ff. RocknRolla? Masterpiece but is a bit too urban for me. Edge of Tomorrow - second half is not as good - I keep watching only first half. Sicario, Pirates of the Caribbean, Payback are also getting close but The Huntsman - both movies - have something different - a flow of energy and continuity which none other has.

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