The Driver


Action / Horror


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August 15, 2020 at 09:38 AM


Mark Dacascos as The Driver
Kane Kosugi as The Rider
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FixedYourEnding 3 / 10

'B' movie is a complement for this one

Sometime you have to endure such a horrible movie just to realize how good other movies are. I'm not sure if to applaud the director for filming this in under 2 weeks and under $1M or to scold him for creating such a stinker of garbage.

This movie is bad start to finish, and I mean BAD. Where to start? camera action- insulting, zombie makeup - horrible, zombie acting and movement - laughable. Action scene - lets say even the guns don't look real. Dialog - cringey at best. Setup and scenery - ridiculous. Mark Dacascos is not a bad actor but with the editing and bad dialogue there is not much you can do.

Adding insult to injury is the horrible story line, it is down-right boring. I had to stop myself many times from giving up watching just based on boredom alone. Oh yes, and if you call a movie "the driver" can you have him drive faster than 40 MPH at some point? That car was so out-of-place it looked like it was picked up for the weekend for some local car dealership, maybe they didn't have insurance on it so they had to drive it slow at all times?

In any event - stay clear of this stinker. My loss is your gain- watch something else. Exact score: 28 / 100

Reviewed by bontskeo-05841 1 / 10


Most horrible movie of 2019. I am sure a lot could have been done with a 1.3million Budget

Reviewed by Only_Honest_Review 2 / 10

Father daughter road trip

After seeing Mark Dacascos in John Wick 3 in which he's great btw I figured I'd checkout this movie with him as the star. It's about a father daughter road trip in the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse as they drive to the promised land. So the story has been done before and nothing original but I was sort of expecting gun fights and car chases given the title but that's not what this movie is about. It's really a drama about a father daughter relationship. The problem is the script is weak and dialogue a bit stilted so you don't end up caring for the characters much. Granted it's a low budget production but a good story with great dialogue can hold a viewers interest. I couldn't help but fast forward through the slow parts to get through the movie as the plot is totally predictable.

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