Super Troopers


Action / Comedy / Crime / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 35%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 94424


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Lynda Carter as Governor Jessman
Brian Cox as Captain O'Hagan
Geoffrey Arend as College Boy 3
Marisa Coughlan as Ursula
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by heynow-ca 3 / 10


Saw the reviews and had to watch this and was quite disappointed. so much of the humour felt forced. Kept waiting until it became funny and it really didnt deliver.

Reviewed by John Brooks 4 / 10

Not funny enough, too thin

You don't watch a comedy like "Super Troopers" for its plot and the quality of its story structure, you just want to laugh. And although humor is very subjective and depends on each person, even if you buy into this one, the camaraderie/manly type vibe with the alcohol and the humping and all that sort of stuff, it's just not very funny. Often it's too self-indulgent and just doesn't offer nearly enough to the guy who isn't completely sold on it.

The characters are nowhere near memorable, the level of creativity is fairly low all in all over the whole thing, and some gags are just too facile. You get the feeling not nearly enough effort was put into it.

Some rare moments are truly funny though, there's at least one scene that one should find a genuinely amusing idea, but it's definitely a forgettable comedy, I'm sure many people distinctly feel that way even one day after watching it. Very different in tone but similar in theme, Police Academy for instance is way, way more memorable on a number of levels.

4/10 for a sort of fun, sometimes boring viewing.

Reviewed by eric262003 6 / 10

Good, But Only For A One Time Viewing

"Super Troopers" has that feeling sort of like a high-school film project where you follow a few instructions, and then you annex a few others, but still succeeds in maintaining its charm. Picture a group of Vermont troopers cajoling around on the job treating their profession like they are the hosts of "Candid Camera". And pictures these troopers to feel like their ambitions are more lenient towards stand-up comedy. And they thought that their training was by watching the box-set of the "Police Academy" movies. And that they are the leading protagonists. That's what this movie feels like.

Set in Sputbury, Vermont where very little criminal activity happens,this causes a bit of a rift between the state troopers. Under the leadership of Captain O'Hagen (Brian Cox) and the city police under the leadership of Chief Grady (Daniel von Bargen). When a deceased corpse was discovered in Winnebago and drug smuggling seems to be behind it, the police and the troopers compete in their investigation for clues and evidence, suspects and for funds. The state troopers are also under pressure of getting shutdown, by the budget-minded governor (Lynda Carter).

The troopers may be on the brink of becoming obsolete because as a unit they're really not taken very seriously. They seem to pass their time interrogating passerbys, instruct truck drivers to pull over with their megaphones after the drivers have pulled over and even going meow while striking conversation with the curbed driver. O'Hagen is clearly besides himself in stress over their erratic behaviour as he fears his job and his troop will be out of a job. This drug bust is the key to save their jobs, but the guys are quite out of league about the whole operation.

There is a hint of romantic entanglements where a beautiful cop Ursula (Marisa Coughlan) starts dating one of the troopers named Foster (Paul Soter) which doesn't sit very well both the police and the troopers, but might still have some potential that might bring this case together. Foster not playing with a full deck decides that he and Ursula should get in the back of a cruiser. Foster forgets that once placed in the back of a cruiser, someone has to let them out.

During their breaks at greasy spoon establishments, the cops trade discussion almost like you would hear from comedy factions like "Trailer Park Boys", "Kids in the Hall" or the cast of "Clerks". Which is fitting because they happen to be a comedy troupe known as Broken Lizard who were also credited for writing the script and under the direction of Jay Chandrasekhar who plays the role of fellow trooper named Thorny. Vermonters know he is of an ethnic minority, but can't tell what he is and keeps it sworn to secrecy. They assume he's either Mexican, Arab, Muslim, Hindu or anything.

Broken Lizard started their journey as undergraduate students from Colgate who raised $200,000 to make a film called "Puddle Cruiser" and presented it as part of campus tour. Here in "Super Troopers", they might collaborate by transforming this movie into a sequel next year in which I hope has something good to offer there.

As a whole, "Super Troopers" works well on several levels. It has a story going for it, which wraps up quite nicely when its done. But it still feels like a series of skits with a laid-back charm going for it. The atmosphere is at the most feel-good with a level of confidence that you don't find in a "Police Academy" movie. I can't say that it wasn't a terrible movie, but I think there shouldn't be any reason to see it again after one viewing. It's a good watch, but it isn't anything all that special.

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