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Lea Thompson as Kathryn Fairly
Kelly Preston as Tish Ambrosei
Pamela Adlon as Girl From Space Camp In Launch Control Gallery
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheBlueHairedLawyer 5 / 10

Average but cute film for younger viewers

I know a lot of people judged this film and its tie-in novel harshly in its heyday because of the unfortunate timing of the Challenger Explosion in real life, which bore an uncanny resemblance to the film's premise, but all that aside (no, I'm not trying to trivialize such a horrible thing, it should be remembered and respected), this film isn't terrible. It suffers from a case of bad timing but isn't deliberately offensive. Had the Challenger never been so ill-fated, I believe SpaceCamp had a chance at being a semi-popular film among kids. That being said, it's full of cheesy one-liners, unrealistic characters, token stereotype characters and preachy dialogue that comes off as more nauseating than inspirational. The thing of NASA allowing a hoard of kids and a sentient robot to hijack a space shuttle into orbit is far-fetched at best. I enjoyed the soundtrack and there are some good themes for young viewers about following your dreams and pursuing science and technology even if society tells you it's impossible, but in all honesty there are far better films out there on the space race subject, and much as I loathe remakes, it surprises me that SpaceCamp hasn't been done yet simply because it was so upsetting and unsuccessful back in '86.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

Very unsatisfying, for some reason

The version of this I watched was called 'Disney's Space Camp', although I see no mention of them on the credits so I guess they bought up the rights. In any case, SPACE CAMP is a near-forgotten kid's adventure film of the 1980s, that had the misfortune to be scheduled for release when the Challenger disaster claimed the lives of seven astronauts in scenes eerily similar to this film's plot. As such, it flopped and has remained virtually forgotten ever since.

I'm a huge fan of 1980s cinema in general, so in theory SPACE CAMP should appeal, but as a film there's not really too much to like. A group of bratty American kids and teenagers train to become astronauts, only something goes wrong and their training becomes all too real. The problem is that there are too many characters jostling for attention so that none of them really hold it, and none of them are likable, so it's hard to care about what happens to them. It's interesting to see Kate Capshaw in a very different role to her one in INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM, and the robot (a cross between R2D2 and Short Circuit) is cute, but otherwise this makes for oddly stodgy and unsatisfying material.

Reviewed by Puscifer DoZo 1 / 10

Yeah Right

I remember seeing bits and pieces of this movie as a kid. I just thought I'd try and watch it as an adult. The only phrase I could keep uttering at the screen right from the start was "Yeah right!".

From the corny "robot" that can hand wrenches to people and that can somehow pop open locker doors from the inside, to kids sitting in the space shuttle during an engine test (yeah right!).

Then the dialogue; "Im gonna check this mother out" - once in space says Kate Capshaw's character. Yeah, not "OMG, we are all gonna die." but "I'm gonna check this mother out."

I was embarrassed for the actors/characters on screen and had to turn it off once they got launched into space.

This story is so off the wall ludicrous I'm surprised it even got made. Save your time.

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