Some Velvet Morning



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 54%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 1725


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Alice Eve as Velvet
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by merqabah 9 / 10

It's as dark as it is Impressive.

Lets get this out of the way, its not a very entertaining movie, after all it contains only one location, 2 actors and it draws more from La butte's theater background than film language, this is also an oddity as it is a straight drama(occasional joke aside) unlike Labutte's dark comedies of the past; that said, solid and disturbing dialog, a surprising ending and a powerhouse performance by Stanley Tucci raise this as one of the most interesting films to come out in a while.

As said in the summaries, the movie pits a bitter and unstable character played by Stanley Tucci against a woman played by Alice Eve, who seems to hold secrets in both her own life as well as the shared common past between the both of them, and as their conversation prolongs, secrets, bile and nastiness are spread all over the clinical white townhouse.

Stanley Tucci, as said previously, steals every scene he is in, while Alice eve plays it more subdued, but then again, her character doesn't have as many grand moments, and she does a magnificent job, especially towards the end of the film.

The cinematography and set design fit the movie perfectly, contrasting the neat empty house with the fiery discussion that takes place in it, and while I'm sure it was a deliberate decision, the hand-held camera seems to be operated by someone with Parkinsons disease, there are scenes where it seems to shake and bob all over the place, becoming a bit distracting.

The movie may be off putting to many, first of all because the dialog is an exercise in spitefulness and cruelty, which many people will find hard to stomach, secondly at first glance there appears to be a randomness in the plot, which is to be expected as this is a dialog driven film, however this lack of entertainment may drive away some, finally there's THAT ending, some may feel cheated, some will think its one clever piece of cookie, and to say anything about it here would spoil the film in its entirety, Finally, i guarantee you, that if you make it past all the prejudices that could arise from watching something like this, you will find a very original, brilliant and haunting piece of cinema.

Reviewed by bjarias 8 / 10

... finest performance to date

... he's been there, done that time and again.. she is undoubtedly the wonderful surprise in this film. Beautiful and talented.. a very winning combination. It's not a movie that's going to get much mainstream recognition, but there's no doubt, she was absolutely phenomenal, exhibiting just how good an actor she truly is. A fan previously, but she's now amped it up to a new level of commitment. The storyline is as unrealistic as it can get, but you're not clued in until the final moments of the film. It's also a film that will benefit from repeated viewings.. what you might have missed the first time round will impress in added screenings.

Reviewed by demetriocoffman 6 / 10

Good acting, dialoge and directing but not very entertaining.

The movie revolves around two people in a home talking, discussing, arguing, fighting, crying and looking back on their past relationship, that's it seriously. You immediately think to yourself that this would be perfect for a two person play and how did it make it to the big screen. But to seat there in your seat and watch Fred (Stanley Tucci), an attorney behave like some 16 year old and gorgeous Velvet (Alice Eve)have to speak to Fred like a child is almost insulting to your intelligence. As the conversation continues you begin to sense that their relationship is somewhere in the Fatal Attraction category. Fred speaks to Velvet like she is on the witness stand but Velvet is the adult in the room. After a while the conversation is getting old,scary and you wish the thing would just end. Not so fast, the movie ends in a very unique way that will make you take a deep breath and say "You got to be kidding me."

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