Secret Summer



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Rachel Ticotin as Ms. Annie Archer
Derek Theler as Jake
Lucas Bryant as Daniel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by linda-plant2 1 / 10

Oh dear

The term 'watching paint dry' could apply to this film. The acting was bland, and it was two hours of a non-existent story. Even the street scenes were clearly shot on a movie lot with the painted cardboard buldings so obvious. If I never saw the two leads again in a film it would be too soon.

Reviewed by phd_travel 7 / 10

Nicely filmed with likeable leads

An writer has to baby sit his Nephew and Niece for the summer. Meanwhile there is a romance with someone sent to evaluate the financials of a library which may be shut. Couple of plus points. The lead actors are likeable enough. Lindsay Shaw isn't cutesy like some of the other actresses in this kind of movie. Derek Theler plays the small town writer. A little irritating the parents blame anyone but the kid who is old enough to know better for running away to look for treasure. The contrived drama and break up at the end isn't too irritating as it usually is in this kind of movie.

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