Scare Package


Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 82%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 2084


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Zoe Graham as Jessie
Noah Segan as Husband: segments - M.I.S.T.,E.R.
Baron Vaughn as Varron Bonn
Allan McLeod as MISTER Member: segments - M.I.S.T.,E.R.
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Spookylicious 4 / 10

Ups and downs

The problems with anthologies is that one is as bad as it's worst short story. If your worst story is good enough, you're probably into a good anthology. But this is not the case. I enjoyed the first one although I expected a lil more. The goo one I found it the most funny, even made me lol, which is weird in me, but I like horror comedy and silly gore when done right. The last story was entertaining at parts, at other's a lil cringey. The midle stories were avarage hit or miss.

So even if I give it a 4 for it's worse stories, I'd recommend it if you feel like watching a really silly horror movie, with some good and some bleh stories, with some meta commentary about horror and jokes about it but expect silly acting, lines, expressions and gratuitous gore (which isn't that bad).

Reviewed by thekarmicnomad 8 / 10

A cheap, bloody take on a horror movies

From the first scene you will see that this movie looks like it has been shot by some college kids on an expensive camcorder and will be reaching for the off button - but don't!

This is so much fun! The film is a collection of short, pithy stories that lampoon the horror stories we have all heard and seen so many times before. Wading through the buckets of blood and unconvincing strings of guts is a light, perky humour that works really well.

The stories are wrapped up in a larger tie-together regarding a new employee starting at a video rental outlet.

There is a huge meta element to this movie where people will comment about their obviously precarious situation and its connection to scary movies right before getting eviscerated - which really helps lighten the mood.

This movie is cheap and some of the scenes feel quite amateurish. But don't let this put you off - it is often by design and if anything makes the stories more compelling.

This is really goofy but has a clever, witty streak running through it. Not scary or horrifying but light-heartedly funny. If you can afford not to take this too seriously then I highly recommend this for a good laugh.

Reviewed by pdbordelon 2 / 10

Pretty Bad - I couldn't make it through

The dialogue is exhaustingly stupid and just not funny. Most of the segments are really poorly written and overall this movie is a bit of a mess. I gave it two stars, instead of one, because some of the practical effects are well-done. I made it through to the first hour before bailing out...kept hoping it would get better and it never did.

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