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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by al_phillips2000 6 / 10

great fun

Your typical Anime with cars, action, women, crazy policemen, and invulnerable hero. The main hero, Bean Bandit, is a bit too powerful ( is he supposed to be a robot ?) His car is crazy in a good way and basically this film exists on its car chase scenes.

Reviewed by Evil-Lee-666 10 / 10

Percy my Man

This has got to be one of the all time great Animations. Everything about this short but effective Movie had me gripped from the very start to its all to early ending. Bean Bandit is a bad guy but he has some sense of morality. I loved all the little nods to the Blues Brothers like the Car registration numbers & some of the chase scenes. My fav character is Percy, the relentless & unintentionally funny Cop who shouts at his Subordinates throughout the entire Movie & he causes so much devastation with his Ford Mustang, more than Bean Bandit in the end. Bean Bandits car is amazing & is more like a James Bond vehicle with all the gadgets & transformations it can do. I can not recommend this Movie enough I would go as far as to say even if you don't like Anime you will like this Movie.

Reviewed by Sabre_Wolf 9 / 10

Nice fun OVA

I loved this OVA it was fantastic while it was short but nonetheless enjoyable with the character development, some humour as well as the driving/action scenes of this fabulous OVA.

This introduced me to the character of Bean Bandit who was so awesome and just lived by his own rules but had a protective instinct for children and J Patrick did a fantastic job voicing him in the English dub.

Also Bean's nemesis Percy was amusing determined to do anything to bust Bean. Also the main antagonist Simmerling was an interesting villain.

All in all a nice, good and very fun OVA.

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