Rescuing Madison


Comedy / Drama

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C. Thomas Howell as Rad Leffler
Sherilyn Fenn as Bess Kelly
Alona Tal as Madison Park
Ted McGinley as Douglas Kelly
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Reviewed by PossibleOptimism 8 / 10

The Movie You Shouldn't Miss

From the Hallmark look-alike studio called PixL which you probably didn't know about because they never release a trailer on YouTube, comes a surprisingly good movie about a fireman and the singer he saves from a burning building. If that sounds too trite, it's not. Really. Alona Tal's professional singing and Ethan Peck's deep listening gazes invites us on a love-struck journey of two very different people who share very much the same likable attitudes. Love story? Heck yeah! But what's not to love? Seriously, I know it's like from the same studio and all, but this was way better writing than most of the stuff Hallmark puts out...

Reviewed by Jackbv123 7 / 10

The ususal stuff when celebrity and non-celebrity

The trials of a celebrity trying to date an unknown. It's been done, a few times. Throw in rival former celebrity beau. That's been done also.

I enjoyed the two leads. Perhaps some of that is because I was previously unfamiliar with Alona Tal.

His sister was great. I loved the deer-in-the-headlights scene.

The manager is truly hate-worthy.

Reviewed by jfsc-04207 9 / 10

Alona Tal is perfect in her role as the singer on a comeback.

Sure, maybe this has the familiar trope of famous celebrity girl meets a normal guy and sparks fly. But romance movies are more about the characters and the chemistry, and Alona and Ethan Peck have it. Alona just lights up the screen with her smile. Her portrayal of the pop star seems effortless. Madison's manager is a little one dimensional (nothing much to like a about this guy), but he's not the focus of the story. I do agree with another reviewer who suggested that the movie could have been a bit longer to provide a little more character development - we learn a little about her fears about him, but it would be interesting to have our firefighter John get into some concerns he might have about a serious relationship with a famous singer who is about to embark on a comeback tour. But all in all, this is a very satisfying romance movie, void of some of the goofy, gooey stuff that seems to be, dare I say, the hallmark of a lot of current romance movies.

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