Perfect: Android Rising


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RoboRabbit89 3 / 10

I thought it was ok.

First off, I'd like to say that I'm not writing some fake review, I honestly thought it was OK.

I'm a filmmaker myself, so I know it's hard to make one and get it out there. I honestly see this guy's potential, Chris R. Notrolie the director tried his best to make at least a decent movie.

Now, I know this film has it's flaws especially with sound design, I feel right now that his films are a work in progress, you know, he might not have all the film-making tools he needs, especially boom mics, hell I don't even have those.

I do agree that some of the alternate titles aren't great ( "Terminator Rising" is definitely stupid). At my library I found it under the title "Battle-droid" that title is OK, it's original title "Perfect: Android Rising" is alright but I think this one "Battle-droid" just sounds better and he should have kept it that. Also at my library this film gets checked out quiet a bit so I know I'm not the only one who likes this film.

The acting of course is not going to be "very good" but don't go into this or any low budget science fiction action film expecting Oscar wining performances, that's just stupid, just go into this and have fun with it. I will say that the director needs to work on fight choreography and filming it well, because he films too close to the actors in those scenes.

I've seen this a few times and I liked it, besides this is the first amiture film I could see more than once, I have seen others at my library and they where really bad so bad in fact you feel stupid for watching.

Overall a halfway decent little action move that really isn't half bad. I give it a 3/10. Mildly entertaining from star to finish that is OK to watch once and awhile.

Reviewed by Dell 1 / 10

Terrible movie without being funny bad. Just bad bad.

This is just a tad better than the movies my kids used to make with our camcorder. Watched as far as I could because I wanted to see why this movie was so poorly rated. Now I know. First off, it appears to be filmed with one camera and not by a professional. If the plot was about some guy running around with a hand-held, fine. But it isn't. I'm an accountant and could write better dialogue and likely could act better as well. Oh and I suck at writing and acting. This is essentially what porn videos are like but without the porn part. I understand that people want to try to make movies. I'm sure it could be fun. But then trying to market it and selling to the public is an altogether different proposition. Anyone who bought this movie could just show a jury the first few minutes of the film and probably be awarded pain and suffering.

Reviewed by jethro1138 1 / 10

This is a terrible movie.

Wow. I don't get to see movies THIS bad very often.

There's a huge trend right now for horrible movies that are bad for the sake of bad. See "Sharknado", and it's like. And those movies are infinitely better than this thing.

Right from the start, the dialogue is usually not even audible over the background music or sound effects... or when the characters aren't near the camera. Clearly recorded directly on the camera rather than looped or using booms or anything. It's just as well, though, since the acting is terrible and dialogue is delivered terribly.

The SFX are... you know, just about anyone can do decent SFX at home now. These still fall short. Other than screen overlays, nothing looks decent. The fake CGI blood spatter is bad enough, but the cheap painted on non-CGI blood? There's no excuse for that. Karo syrup and food colouring works better.

Oh, and hand-to-hand fight sequences... please. At least pretend your punch is actually connecting.

Which brings me to the plot, and the point where I admit that I couldn't make it past 40 minutes into this thing. 40 minutes of bad audio, bad dialogue, bad acting, bad SFX and a plot that you pretty much feel that you've already seen hundreds of times. No thanks.

I posted this review despite not seeing the entire movie because I noticed there are some positive, highly rated reviews for this movie. And claims that they are fake. I don't think they're fake, I think they were posted by people who are happy to watch, and enjoy, horrible movies. People, there is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED to put up with movies like this! There are GOOD movies out there. Hell, there are bad movies out there that are still better than this. You guys are just encouraging the trend of below-mediocrity, and I for one would really appreciate it if you stopped.

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