Kiss of Death


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 68%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 16590


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Nicolas Cage as Little Junior Brown
Samuel L. Jackson as Calvin Hart
Stanley Tucci as Frank Zioli
Helen Hunt as Bev Kilmartin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rhinocerosfive-1 8 / 10

no wheelchairs down the stairs

Barbet Schroeder hands us his scariest impression of a violent world since the "Self Portrait" of Idi Amin. Richard Price's script clicks along like a BQE on hardboiled rails. Both are aided by distinctive, urgent characterizations from just about everybody. This is at least as good as the original.

There are, of course, many guilty pleasures here. Helen Hunt hit by a truck in the second reel, Michael Rapaport right-crossed to death, and Sam Jackson shot in the face are what genre pictures are all about. It's Godzilla stomping Tokyo, mortar fire at Omaha Beach, a Peacemaker laying out the sheriff - the lurid fulfillment of forbidden wishes. But a good B movie must earn these cheap thrills: a good B movie must entertain the higher faculties to deserve tumbling skyscrapers and spurts of blood. None of Michael Bay earns its shocks. Most of Eastwood doesn't; some of Friedkin, half of Tony Scott, most of Ford, and nearly all of Hawks do. Having proved his ability in the American idioms of the courtroom drama ("Reversal of Fortune") and, to a lesser extent, the stalker picture ("Single White Female"), here Schroeder demands efficiency and style of every technician and artist and delivers a sharp crime thriller.

This works because it's the best kind of melodrama. The characters do not make absurd decisions; the plot suits the story, instead of the other way around, as in almost every Schwarzenegger vehicle. No decision is without consequence. Nobody wins, until the very silly last five minutes, by which time the real climax has already occurred. These are bad people in bad situations behaving, for the most part, very badly. There is pathos without sentiment, virtue without idealism, sacrifice without honor. Chiefly there is redemption without cynicism. Ben Hecht would approve. Henry Hathaway would not recognize it as proper American film-making. Perhaps it isn't.

David Caruso is as good as he is capable of being in the central role, and the character's plight is sympathetic enough. Caruso is always competent, but hanging a whole film around his neck is a bad call because he's hard to like. (For best use of Caruso, see "King of New York" and "Session 9".) So it's Nicolas Cage's movie in spite of his own deficiencies.

Cage's forte is light comedy; he is naturally brilliant at it, but not at the virile heroic stuff he makes all his money on. No matter how big he gets or how hard he stares, his Little Junior isn't as creepy as Widmark's little Tommy Udo. Still Cage's character's unpredictable behavior and inflated physical presence are enough to overpower most of the performances sharing screen time with his. The support puts in a good day's work, though - Hunt is less affected than usual, Jackson less cartoonish, Stanley Tucci less pretentious. They all have Price to thank for credible motivation and clever things to say. They should also thank Schroeder for not being Roger Spottiswoode, Joel Schumacher or George Cosmotos.

Reviewed by arthurclay 8 / 10

Better film than most give it credit for

Everyone agrees that the casting was marque. And that it has great source material. But I feel it gets a bum rap with critics. And Nicolas Cage was exactly what the film needed. I thought so then and I think so now. Color, flash, and style. Something out of the ordinary to give it some desperately needed weight. And Cage makes weight. Literally. That is the strongest look I had seen since Stallone did "First Blood, Part II". Cage is a physical bull and it's impressive. I wouldn't have recognized him if I hadn't seen the trailer with his name on it beforehand. If you never saw this, see it. For no other reason than to be scared of Nic Cage. I was.

Reviewed by Tulsa90 8 / 10

Deserves Better Than 5.8 IMDb Average Vote

I liked this movie and I am quite surprised by the low IMDb user voting for this film. It is certainly not Academy Award material. But the story, character development, and the acting performances are really above average. I am not a big fan of television dramas. I have never seen a single episode of CSI. I thought NYPD Blue was very overrated, except for Dennis Franz. However, I think that David Caruso is a much better movie actor than he gets credit for. This one is definitely worth seeing. It is not a stupid high-action movie like Armageddon. However, it does have some very intense and well staged scenes that will keep action movie fans happy.

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