Judas Kiss


Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 43%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 46%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 3551


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Carla Gugino as Coco Chavez
Alan Rickman as Detective David Friedman
Emma Thompson as FBI Agent Sadie Hawkins
Simon Baker as Junior Armstrong
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Phroggy 8 / 10

Deserves a big screen !

And it got it in France ! Why not in the rest of the world while the studios keep churning out expensive post-Grisham trash (Will anyone remember him as a fine writer, and not the most betrayed-by-the-screen author this side of Stephen King ?) this one has it all. Okay, the situations are not always original, has minor plot holes and it has a tendency to be too clever some (brief) times for its own sake, but it actually delivers and is obviously a work of love. I'd be curious to know what the budget was. AND. for once, this is not a cheap Tarantino copy ! (Well, film noir didn't started with Tarantino, you know.) Will it once again be saved by Europe, like John Dahl's movies were, so Mr Guttierez can make another one like this ? If you ever read this, Mr Guttierez, thank you and se

Reviewed by Lary9 8 / 10

Intelligence with pace

Thirty pieces of silver and a kiss for luck. This one was another totally unexpected gem. Usually, I'm not even a suspense/thriller fan. This satisfying 100 minutes has more twists than a boardwalk pretzel. It has titillating erotic romance, reminiscent of "Body Heat" in more ways than one; it has cops and crime; political intrigue and just a dash of daytime soap. It has just the right touch of gritty violence that any professional "by-the-numbers" crime job must employ. Emma Thompson, (FBI AIC), delivers her role with grace and humor and gets my vote for best fake southern accent by a Limey. Alan Rickman, (local cop), who always seems to steal the show, is excellent but not overbearing. They work well as a pair. Lots of plot misdirection that never gets out of control and gets coherently reconnected at film's end. And who is this awesome woman, Carla Gugino? I want her to bear my children. Carla, if you're out there, let's do lunch

Reviewed by quickas 8 / 10

Hard To FInd But Worth it

Came across this film recently after so long hearing about it. It is an excellent not pretentious movie for people who loves film noir literature and films. Not "camp" but humorous.

GREAT CAST! From the magnificent Carla Gugino and Emma Thompson to German superstar Til Schweiger, this movie is a feast for the eyes. Alan Rickman is very funny as the antagonist of gang. Would love to see spin off movie with this character and Emma Thompson solving cases and arguments between them all the time (much like Tracy and Hepburn, etc.)

Intelligent story, nice twists and scope photography (don't watch unless it is scope because compositions are very rich).

Sexy sexy sexy and very fun time.

Best use of Just Like Heaven by The Cure ever (must see to believe!)


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