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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sashazim 2 / 10

You won't miss much If you pass on this film....

I have watched it in Russian with English subtitles, and being a native Russian speaker I can say - whoever made the subtitles translation for this movie has no language proficiency whatsoever. Pathetic. However, this is not this movie's biggest problem - it is simply a dull, talentless (talking about the screenwriters and film directors) mediocre mess. Big names, some good actors, Columbia pictures and all, and I felt simply embarrassed about my birth country producing such a wretched parody of a movie. To be fare, using big names and indeed very talented actors, who have delivered some solid acting for the movie, helped to offset some of its miseries. But the plot, the ideas, the pompous drama of the plot has turned it into a pretentious farce, a circus. Russia certainly has talent and creative potential to make good movies, it's a shame this one has been such a waste of good capable actors and such a disappointment for the viewers. If you pass on this film, you won't miss much.

Reviewed by TopDawgCritic 5 / 10

Terrible writing, worse than the first film.

134 minutes of dragged out plot and technical issue riddled writing that felt like 5 hours. You'd think they would've learned from the first films' mistakes. Nope. The first film was written by 5th graders. This one by 5 year olds. These writers need to go back to high school. Pretty sure the subbing was also done by 5 years olds. Acting was ok, and the score surprisingly good and fitting. The cinematography was excellent and the S/VFX were stellar - which is the main reason I'm giving this film my very generous 5/10

Reviewed by gp-48159 3 / 10

I wanted this to be good!

Last 30 minutes looked like Independence day, although with no excitement, just like the first movie (Gravity (not the Gravity with Sandra)) - characters are irrational and dull, movie is boring, CGI is kinda good, can't they get better writers? Overall, turned out to be a waste of time, nothing original here, just bad...

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