Into the Void



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by natashalo-12559 1 / 10

Laughable apocolytic

This is, by far, the worst movie I have ever seen in my life! Being listed as an apocalyptic zombie movie is most laughable. The "zombies" are never shown to have aggression until closer to the end and even in that moment it is terribly done. The script itself is awful. It is meant to be some sort of a love story, however, there is no portrayal of real love whatsoever. The actors are terrible, the writing is terrible...the movie is terrible. I whole heartedly believe the only people rating this movie with high stars are those who are involved in the making of this film. Do not even waste your time watching this movie, as you will bitterly regret it as I did!

Reviewed by christina-06887 10 / 10

In the Aftermath of Pandemic

An insightful and soulful journey. This film is far more than your average rampaging-zombie flick. Rather, it is an intimate psychological drama following the tragic tale of two flawed lovers who began with an imperfect, trauma-filled relationship and were then torn apart by the sudden onset of a massive zombie-esque type of infection that has swept the globe. Stellar performances by Ioan Sebastian Tirlui as Josh and Molly Dyson as Maria are beautifully captured by extraordinary cinematography. No gore and all heart, this film is well worth the watch.

Reviewed by gregwolk 9 / 10

Thoughtful Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Film

This very watchable film does not depict the kind of post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead or Mad Max -- of which I'm glad. Yes, there is some zombie rampaging going on, but it's also the internal struggle of the characters. I love zombie films that aren't cliched, and this is one of them. The performances are solid; the cast is hot; the scenery is eerie, and the zombie kills are convincing. Very good indie film.

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