Inherent Vice


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 74%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 92740


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Jena Malone as Hope Harlingen
Reese Witherspoon as Deputy D.A. Penny Kimball
Owen Wilson as Coy Harlingen
Sasha Pieterse as Japonica Fenway
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amanmsp 5 / 10

Its impossible to criticize this movie

We can't criticize the incomprehensible nature of the movie because it was intentionally written that way to capture the tone of the novel. Eventhough I personally couldn't enjoy this movie, I completely understand why other people like it. I understand what they were going for but I couldn't connect with it personally. All the performances, especially by Phoenix and Brolin were top notch. Both those characters were written extremely well. There were some genuinely funny sequences too. However there are several instances where Doc relies in coincidences and conveniences to uncover the cases. This aspect felt like lazy writing.

I don't dislike this movie but I can't like it either. I have such a complicated opinion on this movie. PTA is one of the best directors working today. But I couldn't appreciate this movie like I did with his other movies like the master

Reviewed by johnfg-83353 9 / 10

Better than people say

I loved this film. A lot of people don't like this film because the plot is very confusing and hard to follow but the whole message of the film is that sometimes life doesn't wrap things up in a nice little bow and sometimes everything doesn't come together in the end. I've seen this film a few times now and I like it more everytime I see it. The first time I didn't really like it because I was trying to keep up and get my head around the plot but after I became enlightened to the theme, then I was just able to sit back and experience the journey. It is a great character study. Joaquín pheonix is fantastic and his character is great, all the characters and performances in this film are great and fun, Josh Brolin works really well and had great chemistry with Pheonix, and Martin Short was hilarious when he came into the film he was amazing. There were so many great moments and great lines scattered about like when he visits the golden fang institute. The dialogue on the whole is inconsistent as a lot of it is exposition for the plot but when it isn't that it was fantastic. This is one of the most enjoyable films because you don't need to worry about understanding the plot because you're not supposed to understand it and instead just sit back and relax. The directing is great as always from PTA, the film is really well made. My only criticisms are the film gets weaker in the last 20 mins or so and probably should've ended earlier and that some of the dialogue is just exposition. However I love this film on the whole, I love the soundtrack and the unsatisfying ending reflects the whole film, it reflects the character and how really he gets nothing done in the whole film. And it also reflects life, and how in life often things don't have satisfying endings.

Reviewed by any_anytzuk 8 / 10

The main character was GREAT

The movie itself was not incredible, but the main character was nicely designed, with unpredictable behavior and feelings stronger than they seem. The other characters all had their unique parts, but they were all made so that Doc's personality would stand out. The funny part was its similarity with a film noir, but I do not intend to give spoilers

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