Inferno of Torture


Crime / Drama / Horror / Thriller


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EVOL666 6 / 10

More Of Teruo Ishii's JOYS OF TORTURE series...

First off - I believe that the other reviewers on this page are reviewing SPLIT OXEN TORTURE, which is neither part of the "true" JOYS OF TORTURE series - it's actually an unofficial sequel - nor is it directed by Teruo Ishii. That film (directed in 1976 by Yuuji Makiguchi) has it's own IMDb page under the title TOKUGAWA ONNA KEIBATSU-EMAKI: USHI-ZAKI NO KEI. INFERNO is not the "gore" film that SPLIT OXEN is - though Makiguchi's film is very good as well - and is honestly better than any of the Ishii-directed JOT films that I've seen so far. In fact - INFERNO was far too weak on gore to be truly memorable to me, and was actually very dull at points...

The story-line revolves around two tattoo artists who are vying for the attention of the Emperor. Jealousy and the love of a young concubine get between the rival artists and causes problems for all involved...

Unfortunately - there's just not nearly enough torture in INFERNO to be all that joyful. I was hoping for a little "rougher" content - and this one didn't really deliver. The story-line was decent enough - but it tended to drag quite a bit after the first third of the film or so, and only picked up slightly towards the end. The very last scene of the film was decent, but not enough to save it overall. Worth a look to Japanese exploit fans, but don't expect too much out of it...6/10

Reviewed by Thorsten_B 7 / 10

Tattoos, tattoos, torture, tattoos

A film about obsessions on bondage and tattoos, disguised as historically adequate treatment of an inglorious episode in Japans long gone past. It's ingredients are violence, brothels, tattoos, female whorehouse bosses, tattoos, mean pimps, even meaner prostitutes, tattoos, whips, knives, drugs, torture and tattoos. The main theme is the transformation of young girls' skins into pieces of art, depicting both abstract and figurative motives, the latter mainly dealing with death, birth, violence and other more or less disturbing themes. Compared to other far eastern films from the same exploitation category, the violence seems almost moderate. The narration, in a fairytale-like old fashioned style, is, of course, a child of it's time. In total, the film's not so good, but not so bad either; it is not very original, but still (in a positive sense) light years away from the commercial cinema we have today – which is intriguing since films like this, in their days, were themselves first and foremost done to make money.

Reviewed by dmacewen 10 / 10

There's no such thing as "gore for gore's sake."

I love these bourgeois lemmings weaned on swill like The Exorcist, Alien, Jaws, The Omen, Poltergeist, The Silence of the Lambs, and other such Hollywood swill. They love to talk about "storytelling" and movies where you "care about the characters," as if that were the only one way of making a legitimate horror film (and let's face it: the "characterizations" in these films are often laughable in their pretensions and shallowness). Here's a bit of news for those who haven't figured it out yet: there's no such thing as "gore for gore's sake." There's only apologetic gore and unapologetic gore. Ishii was a terrific filmmaker. You people need to expand your horizons beyond Stephen King. (A great writer, by the way.)

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