Hellraiser: Inferno


Action / Crime / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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James Remar as Dr. Paul Gregory
Craig Sheffer as Det. Joseph Thorne
Christopher Neiman as Pathologist
Nicholas Turturro as Det. Tony Nenonen
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Reviewed by andrecarmoporto 7 / 10

-- A change in the sequel --

After seeing the first movie I bacame a fan of the series. However, the 3rd, 4th and mainly the 5th film were a disapointment... so my expectations on Hellraiser Inferno weren't very hight. Thankfully I was wrong. This movie is completely different and innovating to this serie. More like a psychological thriller and not only the "killing demons", this movie make you suspect and try to guess the story, make you go from suspected to paranoid and, mos importantly, make you stay glued to the plot. A change like this was, in my opinion, all that was needed. Enjoy the film!!

Reviewed by qmtv 4 / 10

Crime Drama/Psychological Moral Lesson Hell/Nightmare – departure from Original Hellraiser, Interesting parts, but failure

This week I just watched Hellraiser 3 – failure, amateur hour action nonsense. And Hellraiser 4 – failure, amateur hour, some interesting ideas, still garbage. Now Hellraiser 5 – again some interesting ideas, and decent fx, but padded unnecessary long scenes of boredom and drawn out garbage.

The ideas of #5 is fine. We have a cop that is not so nice, he steals money, does drugs, cheats on his wife with prostitutes, beats up on informants, entraps/blackmails his partner. For all that he gets a ride on the Hellraiser train. The problem is, yes he's not a good guy, but maybe they could have found a truly evil fellow to put on that train. He's not all bad, he's trying to find the child before the guy leaving the kids fingers behind at each death scene. He finds the evil box, opens it and he is tormented till the end of the movie. Great. The problem is boring dialogue, not even so bad it's funny. Except it even got to that point in the middle of the movie, where I was laughing at the choices the filmmakers made in each scene.

We get Pinhead for a few seconds in the first 20 minutes, then he shows up again towards the end. I didn't have a problem with that. In #3 and 4 he just kept blabbing and blabbing continuous nonsense, I started hating he how he tortured me with his words. At least the Pinhead performance was great in this one. And most of the demons and fx were great. The cinematography was decent as well. Music was competent. The main problem is the drawn out dialogue and nonsense scenes and the editing. The acting was OK, not great, better than #3 and 4 but given the dialogue and story who cares.

As it is I would only recommend this to people who need to see every single Hellraiser movie. It has some interesting ideas and given the weak dialogue, acting and editing, it is a prime candidate for reediting and cut down from 99 minutes to maybe 70 minutes.

The fx and the demon scenes are good and some other decent scenes. Currently I can only give this a C or D, 3 maybe 4 rating. If cut to 70 minutes, it can be a 5 or maybe even a 6 star movie, which I would recommend.

OK, I just watched #VI and it made me reconsider #V. Compared to #VI, #V is a masterpiece. I am officially upgrading the rating to 4. Please reedit this movie to 70 or 75 minutes, cut out the nonsense. I don't need more Pinhead. I need less nonsense.

Reviewed by videorama-759-859391 4 / 10

The box is back

Though I haven't seen number four, about the only HR that wasn't an R, this is a refreshing Hellraiser, but not for better. Shady cop (Sheffer- who's really good) finds his life falling apart, after taking something from a grisly murder scene? Guess what? He's experiencing a lot of delusions or are some real? His colleague (Turturro- a straight shooter for once) becomes really concerned, as so does Sheffer's family. I found this Firth HR exciting and bloody, but a lot of puff, where a lot of the story isn't explained, where we're the ones who have to piece the puzzle. Those demons in Sheffer's delusions, I thought were stupid, where a lot of stuff in this one doesn't make sense. But it's Sheffer who coolly steers this bad HR. James Remar was fantastic as a shrink, who could be Sheffer's one salvation, while Nicholas Sadler, an actor who's not used enough, was very good as a coke head, slumming it out in an ice cream van. This one has a few nasty themes, but is still is an exciting watch, where Sheffer really does hos role justice, and makes the film watchable. It was a relief to see Pinhead, in his most minor of HR screen time. May'be he too is ashamed of this HR. You will be short changed with this Hellraiser, mostly cause of it's very hazy told story, and it's stupidity versus corniness It feels less a Hellraiser, than all of them, esp, too when you consider Pinhead's almost, non pivotal role.

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