Hello I Must Be Going


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 55%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 5768


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Norbert Hanny 10 / 10

Delicate masterpiece!

I know there is a need in many to see a clear-cut happy end. And sure, the happy end in this movie is much more subtle than that - but if you pay careful attention, you will definitely find it. Because this movie is not about the 'American dream', it is about transformation, self-development, maturing. It is about the delicate ways life helps us to change for the better - by sending a sign, a book, a person, etc. that serves as a mirror. And by getting a glimpse of how things really are in your life, in your soul, you make the right decision - and can continue at a higher level.

Delicate story, cute acting, intriguing story-line - a real masterpiece that uses subtle tools, still works like a charm. 10/10

Reviewed by hcwbw 10 / 10

The deeper meaning of the story told in this wonderful movie (poss spoiler alert)

Is this movie a love story, comedy, tragedy? Is there an answer the the questions raised by this movie? Yes and No or is there a maybe answer to these questions raised by this interesting little story. What I see in this movie "story" is people sleep walking through life as we all tend to do most of the time. Then there is Amy who is really alive, living in the moment. Amy is not thinking about the trip around the world or retirement or making money, in the pain that she feels at the loss of love she is more alive than all the other characters. Loosing a love is a "near death" experience, because when it is your time to go "die" you must separate (loose) all your loved ones who must stay behind and carry on in life. So here you have Amy in her misery morning the death of a part of her (and although maybe not consciously) she is more alive than all the other people in the story. The possible exception is Jeremy (the young man "actor") he being an artist. Artist are always more alive, less sleep walking, than the rest of us. Jeremy the artist sees Amy through different eyes, and he see's Amy's passion (all be it in the grief of her loss) and all of a sudden two people who are not sleep waking meet. Both, Amy and Jeremy, finding each other alive and vibrant (all be it for different reasons) they see an opportunity to be with another real, attractive (not sleep walking) person and find and share in the most valuable richness in this world love. As the story progresses from Amy's perspective "mostly" you see that she is just as alive in the warmth of the sunshine of love as she was in the misery of the cold darkness of her morning for the loss of love. The story ends by both of them begrudgingly going back the what is acceptable (by society's standards) which is finding or trying to find some one who is right??? for you, correct age, class, race, religion culture etc. etc.. But somehow knowing and being grateful for their brief summer of love where the shared a waking moment in time. A man and a woman sharing a moment in time in the splendor of love. Oh and yes by the way told as some what of a comedy, because some times big truths can more easily be told in comedy.

Reviewed by geekerr 2 / 10


Shallow banal example of terrible acting no script no writing ability whatsoever superficial not

at all believable for the

most simple minded of people don't waste your time should have never been made boring Hollywood at it's worst incredible millions were spent making this movie

this ten lines nonsense is stupid

this site review is a farce

An effective review doesn't have to be ten lines long

Someone should create a better site than this one for reviews

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