Have You Seen the Listers?



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MovieHeartGirl 8 / 10

Wow...extremely powerful stuff here. Art, sadness, love, loss, and so much more...

This really touched me, and I pray that all of the family members find forgiveness, love, peace, joy and happiness. Get out the tissues, but mostly in a good way. Australia needs to appreciate this guy!

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

Lister(s) to it

Documentaries have become a huge thing and there is one for almost everything and kind of "everybody". If it ain't a universal thing, it can be a certain person/individual who is or was an artist. Like in this case - but this case also shows that maybe we don't need a movie about everyone.

Now some will find interesting bits in this (about his life and/or views), which is more than fair enough (almost everyone has something going for them and some interesting thing/trait). So while I wouldn't knock this down entirely like others have, there are far better documentaries out there. If you are not already familiar and a fan, I'd recommend using your time more wisely and otherwise

Reviewed by juliancooper-935-75705 7 / 10

A Reason To Forgive

I live and work around inner Sydney and have seen a lot of graffiti. I've also seen the word "Lister" scrawled on walls and roller doors, etc. Actually I saw the word "Lister" so many times it was starting to kind of bother me. I couldn't see the purpose.

Then I saw this documentary and it all made sense.

This documentary takes the viewer on a ride with an Australian artist who started out very unassuming, to becoming well known in "art circles," having major peaks (and perks) in his life (wife, children), to nearly losing his sh17.

There did seem to be some 'crying wolf' moments; moments where it seemed like it was building up to something, but then nothing happened.

A documentary I truly enjoyed watching. It was worth it. And thank you to Netflix :)

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