Hair Brained


Action / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 22%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 26%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 1940


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Brendan Fraser as Leo Searly
Parker Posey as Sheila Pettifog
Austin Pendleton as Dapper Man
Julia Garner as Shauna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by falcon1111 3 / 10

Painful to watch, dull and overall lame

Oh man, where do I start to express my disappointment with this horrid movie ? It's incredible to believe that Brendan Fraser can sink lower in his career, but this film proves that anything is possible. This is probably the worst acting in his filmography. Also the script is boring, lame, stupid and predictable. Directing is one of the worst I have seen... ever. The kid is annoying beyond believe. They make a desperate attempt to make him be cute and tender, but the results are lame. Large parts of the movie try to be funny, but they are filled with clichés and absurd, non funny scenes... The perfect cure for insomnia.

Reviewed by Gino Cox 4 / 10

Contrived and formulaic

There is a difference between genius and an encyclopædic recall of trivia that the makers of HairBrained either fail to appreciate or failed to convey.

Overall, the movie is a reasonable diversion with a few humorous moments and decent performances by Brendan Fraser and Alex Wolff. Production values are on the level of a television program. Most of the shots are static with more motion from the jiggly-cam camera movement than the actors.

The plot is contrived. Wolff plays a thirteen-year-old genius who feels outcast but lacks the common sense to cut his comically exaggerated Afro that seems better suited to a Mel Brooks farce or one of the Police Academy films, and adds nothing to the narrative other than a raison d'être for a lame title that itself has little to do with the story. He looks and moves like a wannabe rock star, but his musical talents seem limited to playing a toy xylophone.

The greatest contrivance is the rule book for the competition, which includes harebrained rules that provide deus ex machina plot twists. The Whitman College team has an alternate contestant, whose presence facilitates two plot twists, while the Yale team has no alternate, which facilitates another deus ex machina plot twist.

The questions posed to the contestants more often seem drawn from trivia games than designed to assess intellectual acumen. Most are answered from memory by the contestants. A notable exception asks for the longest English word that can be played on a musical instrument. Several characters mouth words as they attempt to compute the response. But it seems hollow as it doesn't seem credible that they would be able to consider every possible permutation of seven letters that spell words.

Nothing in the movie seems quite real. We see the students doing homework, but never attending classes. We don't see any professors. Wolff's character is bullied, but not with any conviction. Brandon's character can pay full tuition, offer a thousand-dollar reward and purchase a commuter van, but he can't replace his decade-old car or even repair the soft top.

Other contrivances include the enrollment of a student known to Fraser's character and the handling of a bet.

The central love angle seems credible, but two other romantic subplots don't seem realistic. One involves an older student who aggressively pursues Wolff's character, only to inexplicably morph into a friend and confidant. The other involves Fraser's character breaking off a romance with a college student (played by an actress who looks to be in her mid or late twenties) because the inappropriate age differential seems weird.

The script is largely formulaic. There are mildly amusing moments, but the writers never push the envelope, except with a few homoerotic sight gags that seem more uncomfortable than funny.

The protagonists arrive at the conclusion through plot contrivances and regurgitation of knowledge they apparently had at the beginning of the film. The conflicts they overcome are largely internal, such as shyness and self-doubt. The moral seems to be something to the effect that personal victories don't require external validation. Whatever the film is about, it has nothing to do with being harebrained.

Reviewed by Kdanu_Reeves 6 / 10

Doesn't quite hit the spot

Overall the movie is fairly enjoyable but it has some turns that just feels very forced and contrived.

And although the cast does a fine job there are some random character developments with some of the smaller roles that seem to happen instantly and completely out of the blue, for instance the popular girl who's personality literally changes from one scene to the next in one moment of the film.

And other random odd ideas, which doesn't seem like they were meant to be funny but just poor script-writing and lack of knowledge of human interaction or potentially something made up on spot while filming.

I won't go into too much details as I don't like to spoil movies but I'm sure if you watch it you'll figure out instances I could be referring to.

Anyways besides that yeah it's fairly entertaining it's just not as good as it could have been.

Oh and despite Brendan Fraser and Alex Wolff's tennis get-up on the poster I don't actually remember them playing tennis once in the movie (and I just watched it) so unless I dozed off a minute and they did that for 20 seconds then there's no tennis in this movie (and that seems unlikely).

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