Force of Nature


Action / Drama


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Mel Gibson as Ray
Emile Hirsch as Cardillo
David Zayas as John the Baptist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mstr_bateman 4 / 10

Couldn't believe how bad this movie was

This is one of those movies where you keep wondering how the hell it made it through quality control. Is there even such a thing, or did someone just have some money to launder, because telling a good, or even just a coherent story definitely doesn't seem to have mattered. Some cliché bad guys, a flimsy reason for them to shoot at some good guys and of course a stupid nazi subplot shoehorned into the mix because there can't be a Hollywood movie where we aren't reminded of that, can there? It's boring and tedious, there is no suspense, the characters are lame and nothing they do makes any sense. You don't care about any of them, so when the guy and the girl in between gunfights connect through small talk about their previous lives, it's nothing but awkward. Mel Gibson was just a side show too.

Absolute waste of time. Stay away.

Reviewed by paullw-75026 8 / 10

To all the Mel Gibson haters

Not his best movie and definitely not his worst. Ill continue to support his movies so (((Hollywood))) can't blackball him. Also he is right about Wynonna Rider and about Hollywood elite. 8841

Reviewed by zack_gideon 1 / 10

So bad it's funny. It's a comedy basically.

Everyone involved in this must be so embarrassed. It's utter trash and even laughable at times. The plot is so predictable I figured it all out in 15 minutes. They probably rushed production because they're were definitely not a lot of takes for each shot. Watch this if you like bad movies that are so bad they're comedies

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