Employee of the Month


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 9372


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Christina Applegate as Sara Goodwin
Jenna Fischer as Whisper
Steve Zahn as Jack
Matt Dillon as David Walsh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zephypyre 7 / 10

Turn this movie off at precisely 1 hour, 28 minutes.

Beyond that point, it's Wild Things.

This is a fantastic flick with incredible acting on all fronts. . .for the first hour and 28 minutes. Beyond that, it's an all-out race to the bottom. From a tale of a man breaking down in the style of Falling Down - with an acting prowess nearly equal to that of Michael Douglas - it becomes a tale of who can screw who the most. Within the span of three minutes, these characters change themselves from tortured souls dealing with life's unfairness into caricatures of every gang-crime movie that had the bad sense to be put on film. Either the writer for the first ninety five percent of the film was fired, or suffered a psychotic breakdown. We placed this movie on our Netflix queue by mistake (meant to request the more recent Dane Cook flick - never you mind what that says about our cinematic tastes) and were pleasantly surprised. . .right up until the end.

Reviewed by oneofzero 8 / 10

Employee of the Month

Sunday night I was at a friends house playing cards, he popped in a movie he rented, none of us had ever heard of it, he said he got it because on the box it mentioned something about being 'from the producers of Strangers with Candy' & we're all fans of that darkly-odd kind of humor. It was kinda funny, in-fact really funny in some parts. I read that one reviewer here was 'dissapointed' but I think that's because he was told (ie: expecting) it to be more like 'Office Space'. I wouldn't compare it to that, except that it's about a guy who just stops caring about his job & his life starts to unravel. To me it was more like 'Saving Silverman' or 'One night at Mcools', but it was allowed to be a bit more 'Suicide Kings'-like in its gritty darkness mixed with humor. ( Some people don't like it when a movie makes a sharp-cut from surreal & silly humor to dark & gritty violence in the span of a few beats, but I think its fine, I *like that* I think it keeps the viewer's attention when it takes quick unexpected turns like that, but thats just me.) The only person from Strangers with Candy that I recognized was Stu ( the guy who has a beef ) but aside from wanting to see more SWC cast or writers, I enjoyed it & will rent it again and show it to others who like that kind of cynical-humor.

Matt Dillion was great in this, as he was in 'drugstore cowboy' 'mcools' & 'to die for'...his voice-over narration really set the tone for the whole story that was being told.

Reviewed by themagicrat-1 10 / 10

Entertaining throughout!

I wasn't expecting too much with this one, but was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great to see a movie go in a direction that is not expected, and if anyone tells you this movie is predictable, they are more than likely lying. Matt Dillon has turned into a solid actor these days, without being the marquee attraction of some lesser actors.

Applegate and Zahn also add some weight to the movie, and a must see confrontation with the boss is a highlight (who wouldn't want to do that). Highly recommended, if not at the cinema it will make a great Sunday night in on DVD!

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