Electrick Children



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Billy Zane as Paul
Liam Aiken as Mr. Will
Rory Culkin as Clyde
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gizemsahan 10 / 10

Great original storyline, great actors.

'Electrick Children' follows the story of a pregnant, 15 year old Rachel living in a Mormon society in present day. She claims that the father of her unborn child is the voice of a singer on a rock cassette she listened to, insisting that 'God got her pregnant through the tape'. When being forced to confess to her parents that she has sinned, frustrated that they won't believe her miracle and are persistent in arranging a marriage for her the next day, Rachel steals her father's truck and journey's into Las Vegas in order to find the singer on the tape. This 'coming of age' story is the first feature film of director Rebecca Thomas and stars actress Julia Garner, who is very convincing in her performance of the naïve, 'fish-out-the water' teenager alongside our skater/stoner character that happens to take a shine to her when they meet in Las Vegas. Clyde, played by Rory Culkin, does a great job in capturing the emotions of his character and is beginning to step out of his brothers' shadows in becoming a star in his own right. The film is enticing up until the last half hour when a charge of events and little time for the audience to comprehend them leads the ending to seem quite messy. Regardless, this film is successful in capturing teenage emotion and I have nothing but praise for Julia Garner and Rory Culkin who performed their roles wonderfully.

Reviewed by jimlacy2003 8 / 10

Excellent touching, drama

Admittedly I'm a bit jaded these days because I just watch to many darn movies. And a lot of them have been pretty bad of late. Well this one happens to be quite an unexpected gem!

The story is pretty enthralling from the beginning. And quite an unexpected plot. I can usually see plots unravel two steps ahead, but here it was smoothly unexpected or I was just enjoying it to much to notice.

I see this movie as a "human interest" and then partially a "coming of age" story. Smoothly eliciting a response that is very touching and self reflecting in greater or lessor degree about religion, cultural norms, life, romance, and in the end love.

One thing I didn't even get from the movie but read in the IMDb summery and from the one other comment is "Mormons". I think it's a mistake and unnecessary to the story. I've known a lot of Mormons for decades and none of them are like this. It might offend some with movie stereo types. I don't even recall them referring to them self as "Moron" in the movie. I just saw it as okay, some sort of fundamentalist/extremist religious group. It could of been of any faith, Amish, German Baptist, etc., that might share a remotely similar puritanical type lifestyle. Not a big deal, just saying calling them "Morons" detracts from the movie a little. Just forget the reference and enjoy the movie as it is.

The acting performances were very good, especially the lead who carried it through the whole movie. I hope to see more from this talented writer/director and the factors.

Highly recommended!

Reviewed by jayraskin 9 / 10

Slow Paced, Pleasurable and Thoughtful

I was pretty sure I was going to watch only five minutes of this film when I turned it on Netflix late one night before going to sleep. However the film hooked me and I stayed up to watch half of it and caught the second half the next night. Two things caught me, the jumpy Terence Malick-like editing and visual style and the subtle, natural acting of lead Julia Garner.

The movie is very relaxed about telling its narrative, preferring to give us community atmosphere and causally letting the narrative fall out. The contrasting atmospheres of a strict Mormon/Amish-like rural religious community and an urban teenage punk-rock community is both strange and funny. Rebecca Thomas shows a lot of artistry and promise as a first time writer-director.

I looked up Julia Garner on Google because I had not seen her before and she really gives a breathtaking performance in the lead. She plays a girl raised in such a strict religious background that the Virgin Mary in the Jesus Mythology seems to be her only role model. I was not surprised to find that Bette Davis is her favorite actress. The performance seems modeled on some of Bette Davis' performances, especially, "the Petrified Forrest." (1936).

It was also great to see Liam Aiken whom I hadn't seen since "Lemony Snicket" (2004). Apparently, he has only done a few television shows since then. He also gives a wonderfully subtle performance as Julia's brother, "Mr. Will". His character is essentially a child forced to act serious and never smile.It reminds one how cruel a religious upbringing can be.

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