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Horror / Thriller

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Kaitlyn Black as Victoria
Nikki Leigh as Sadie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 4 / 10

unbelievably slow

Even the dialouges are slow, the action of horror are slow, the plotspeed are slow, everything is slow in here.

its a typical social media horror genre alla lure the ''fjortis'' in the trap, and lock the locks very tight to use her as a sex slave and as a humble house girl. in this story though there are 4 girls trapped in the same complex of a hellhole, all of them called siggy, and all of them made up and hairdone like eachother, all of them in creerleading suits...its all a game of playing with the devil and you might win or not.... the psychopaty that lingers in the house are some realistic and some not. the schizofrenic changing into several persons are typical, and might feel scary for some, what i felt a little was the claustrophobia of the locked environment.

acting, well all the tars here aint born yet, but they might. but nothing to acclaim for. the filmographic work aint bad at all, and the colourfull decorative work done at the main set , gives you a weird sense of normality, so its a well done job there.

its a film that will scare some, make others laugh, and most will jump of halfway, so its just a pinch of a spoonful recommend from the grumpy old man

Reviewed by moviefansme 8 / 10

Creep next door

This tense psychological thriller emphasizes terror over gore. The haunted house theme shapes the narrative set in a suburban prison home. Several nerve racking scenes unfold as Chelsea tries to accommodate her captor, outsmart him, cope with her fellow captives, and attempt to get their help. Chelsea turns into a much stronger female lead than initially expected.

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