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Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Clarke Peters as Perelman
Linus Roache as Charles Lynden
Lotte Verbeek as Aisha
Alison Doody as Neilsen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by duane-estilette 3 / 10

Repetition and monotony

Entirely too many scenes of the actors just staring into the distance apparanty to fill the time lost from lack of content. Repetitive scenes of people just walking. The idea behind the movie was solid, but the direction was terribly lacking. Hopefully a more skilled director will take the idea and present us with a version that won't make me demand that the money I spent on the rental be returned. I gave the movie a three rating because there was obviously some effort involved. Don't judge a movie by it's trailer.

Reviewed by tannerhess 1 / 10

No action, bad dialogue, shallow characters

I will only recommend this movie for good background noise. The dialogue is repetitive, bland, and short with no real point in what is being said. The characters are shallow. The beginning of the movie establishes a story the entire rest of the film does not follow in a very bad, poorly thought-out way. This film is an hour-and-a-half of a couple characters standing in different locations, and that's it.

Reviewed by jhoward-85324 1 / 10

Truly a waste of time

IMDB isn't the only site plagued by fake reviews, but they need to get a handle on them.

If I spend $30 for a sub-par phone charger then I get my phone charged intermittently, and maybe I return it.

If I invest 2 hours in a movie that is incoherent, repetitive, and pointless, I just wasted 2 hours. No value whatsoever and I can't get my time back.

This movie is horrible. 7.7 reviews when I queued to watch and now under 4. It deserves a 1-2 rating. This movie is the cinematic equivalent of melatonin.

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