Death of a Nation


Documentary / History

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kaseyossef 1 / 10

The Wal-Mart Of Documentaries

Yes. It is that bad. Loser city. Sarah Sanders style story. No Hope, no interest and no facts. Just the usual lies by the 1% elite swamp dwellers to keep the poor under their clutches. Dinesh is vomit and Trump is the nugget in the vomit. Stay Away.

Reviewed by leibygreyson 1 / 10

Only for fans of Fox News and InfoWars

It is completely truth free from start to finish.

The New York City millionaire who was convicted of not renting to black people is represented as Lincoln, while The Democrats who switched places with the republicans on land, freedom and jobs' issues from around 1965 to 1990 are represented as they were 100 years. it is as if the director wants everyone to forget where today's social realities are.

Look, I have read a book. One single book. As such, I have already wasted too much time on a stupid film that insults your intelligence in your face. Rush Limbaugh fans should order a dozen DVDs however.

Reviewed by mysterarrow 2 / 10

They expect us to call this a documentary?


I don't need to pathetically hyper analyze it to laugh at it. It was useless from start to finish. I really hated the propaganda, Couldn't wait for it to end. I wasn't sure what Trump would do with the film but now we know. He pardoned the felon who made it.

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