Death of a Nation


Documentary / History

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by oceanzawait 1 / 10

B rate propaganda

I don't care how much budget a lousy propaganda film gets. It is still just a bunch of lies pulled out of headlines and twisted into a stream of consciousness psychobabble that has no beginning and no end. It's target is you. It is not entertainment or history.

Reviewed by blanchjoe 1 / 10

Ahhhhhh, Hmmmmmm, well OK.

First lets talk about the film, the Writing style is Vapid, Storyline Poor, Filming technique Cinematically it is average ( at best ). Forgetting the content for a moment, the film is poorly made, and a very poor Documentary. Technically it is not a Documentary any more than "Triumph Of The Will" was a documentary.

If your political inclinations are slightly Left of the Breitbart News Network then this documentary will be tiresome, repetitive, and unsubstantiated. Ken Burns The Civil War this is NOT, but then in honesty it was never meant to be, this is more correctly a Diatribe, prolonged critical discourse designed to promote a specific viewpoint, regardless of counter argument or facts.

Film cost over 6 Million to make and world Wide Gross is 5.5 Million. So lets see why this is such a poor creation. Quality Flix a label of the Christian faith-based film company "Pure Flix" released this documentary,. The creator of this film was Dinesh Joseph D'Souza who the BBC describes as an Anti-Secularist Indian-born American author, filmmaker, pardoned convicted felon, conspiracy theorist, and Far Right "provocateur", a contributing editor for "Policy Review" a magazine created by the Washington DC Conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation and was a minor policy adviser in for Ronald Reagan between 1987 and 1988.

But all of this is not an excuse, the rabidly Pro Conservative Racial-Seperate-and-Unequal white Male Pro KluKluxKlan film "Birth Of A Nation" was a cinematic masterpiece compared to this So with the vast financial resources available to the Far Right, funding could have been acquired to ( assuming they would work with the material ) hire real talent that could have created an interesting film regardless of the Content, fascinating to watch, perhaps even informative, but they did ( or could ) not. Instead this film was nominated for four parody-style Golden Raspberry Awards, winning a "2".

Reviewed by kaseyossef 1 / 10

The Wal-Mart Of Documentaries

Yes. It is that bad. Loser city. Sarah Sanders style story. No Hope, no interest and no facts. Just the usual lies by the 1% elite swamp dwellers to keep the poor under their clutches. Dinesh is vomit and Trump is the nugget in the vomit. Stay Away.

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