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Tom Cruise as Brian Flanagan
Elisabeth Shue as Jordan Mooney
Gina Gershon as Coral
Kelly Lynch as Kerry Coughlin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pfisher-32275 9 / 10

...but if you wanna get loaded, then why don't you just order, a shot

Wow this movie really has taken a beating from the IMDb reviewers. I think the several one star marks it received, is a little harsh but OK, I'll try to highlight the good things about this movie rather than the bad. I've always been of the, if you haven't got anything good to say, don't say it, school of thought.

I think some people watch movies needing them to evoke a strong emotional responses. They want to be moved, they want a journey, or at the very least they want the plot line to be extremely engaging & flawless; Godfather, Shawshank, Schindler's list etc… or those of similar ilk are classic examples. If a movie does not do that, or doesn't meet a preconceived criteria, they feel short changed. These are the "I just wasted 90 minutes of my life" people, the short attention span people, the people that fall asleep 10 minutes in unless there's a court jester juggling in the isle. They are not people that watch all kinds of movies all the time as their primary way of unwinding. When they watch a movie they want it to knock their socks off, pure & simple. A fair point, but Cocktail like many others, is not that kind of movie.

Movies are like eating, there's something for every mood. I've been to New York & like millions of others, it's one of my favourite cities (where half of the movie is shot) & I've been to the Caribbean several times (where the other half is shot), both great locations. I love the electricity of a good bar atmosphere, having a few drinks & a wiggle, the prospect of maybe getting lucky, or at least getting drunk & having a sing song, don't we all? This movie includes all the above and more. The classic rock & roll sound track is great, Everly Brothers, Big Bopper, Little Richard, Hippy Hippy Shake etc... & there's some nice mellow reggae ones thrown in as well.

For the above alone, this deserves more than 1 star. It was never meant to garner dozens of Oscar Nominations, set records or change the face of cinema, It's just good fun. We can vicariously live through Toms charming, cocky & confident Brian Flanaghan as he rises to the top of New York's upper east side bar scene & from then in the Jamaican paradise of Montego bay, lazily serving cocktails on the beach. And for the ladies there's plenty of romance.

No major studios got behind this & it obviously didn't have a massive budget, so like a lot of movies around this time it suffers a bit with production values. There's a section where Cruise has obviously been called back for pickups to strengthen the interview montage at the start. He goes from Cocktail hair, to Rain Man hair, to Cocktail hair again. Same thing happens to Michael J. Fox in Secret Of My Success & that's one of my favourites. I find this comical more than anything else, it's just a period thing. I guess that's because I have a happy, sunny disposition, it's the glass is half full thing again isn't it.

Plonk Tom in front of a camera & he'll never disappoint & Elizabeth Shue Is adorable, plus there's great work from the supporting cast. If you are one of the less judgemental & cynical among us, who liked the 80's, a simpler time before technology dictated our every move & who can handle the odd 6 out of 10 without getting their underwear in a twist & having to take half an hour out of their lives to write a scathing review, then go for it.

"This is the upper east side, the saloon capitol of the world, the big time. Are you ready for the big time Mr Flanagan?!"

Reviewed by fineanimal 10 / 10

A wonderful story and a fantastic film

As far as entertaining storytelling goes, Cocktail is an almost perfect film. Here is an example of compelling dialogue, magnificent urban cinematography, superb acting, and thoughtful editing combining to present us with a very lucid portrayal of one man's coming to terms with the reality of dreams and ambitions in our world.

Cocktail is ultimately the story of Bryan Flanagan's (Tom Cruise) reaction as he doggedly pursues his ambition of getting rich, only to learn that his dream was never really worth pursuing. A new arrival in New York City, the "greatest concentration of wealth in the world," young Flanagan immediately seeks to establish himself in the business world. Without an education or practical experience, however, he suffers one humiliation after another while job-seeking. Eventually he realizes that the business world demands an education, so he enrolls in college and settles for a job as a bartender to pay the bills. But then something extraordinary happens: he discovers that he actually enjoys bartending more than he enjoys college, and that he is challenged more by the mentorship of bartender Doug Coughlin (Bryan Brown) than he is by the tutelage of his bitter, sadistic college professors. Together, Coughlin and Flanagan develop the bartending equivalent of a synchronized swimming routine that delivers them both the recognition and money (in tips) they crave.

At this point, Cocktail could easily have degraded into one long, hedonistic party, since the bartending action is certainly entertaining. But instead, a falling out between Flanagan and Coughlin suddenly shifts both the tone and the location of the film as Flanagan moves to the Caribbean to save money for starting his own business.

In Jamaica he meets Jordan (Elizabeth Shue), a lovely, down-to-earth artist, and for the first time in the film Flanagan truly falls in love with a woman he takes to bed, and he seems genuinely surprised to realize that love has been a more worthy goal than sex all along. With the re-introduction of Coughlin's bad influence, however, Flanagan ignores what he has learned about love and pursues a wealthy benefactor, Bonnie (Lisa Banes), breaking Jordan's heart in the process.

Returning to New York City with Bonnie, which should have been the break he has been waiting for, Flanagan instead suffers yet more humiliation in the power game and finally comes to realize that he'd already achieved the success that makes life worth living when he was with Jordan. So he burns his bridges with Bonnie, and the remainder of the film focuses on his new ambition, to win back the trust of the woman he loves.

This is a great story, one that requires the viewer to really challenge Americans' preoccupation with money and power. Yet the beauty of Cocktail is the smooth, realistic way in which this story is presented. For example, few filmmakers today would risk losing the audience's attention by focusing at length on Jordan's silent reaction to Flanagan's betrayal, yet these few silent moments on a darkened beach say more than any amount of dialogue ever could--but only if you're listening!

Cocktail is a wonderful story of love, ambition, opportunity, humiliation, frustration, sacrifice, the absurdity of business and academia, and the definitions of "success" and "failure," sprinkled with real-world humor that is noticeably different--and funnier--than mere comedy. It is also an exciting and fun film to watch, a "feel-good" movie of the highest caliber. I take my hat off to everyone who worked on this fine film.

Reviewed by Spikeopath 7 / 10

He poured, he reigned; at the box office at least.

Tom Cruise stars as Brian Flanagan, who is fresh out the army and finding that landing an executive job in the big city isn't as easy as he thought. Taking on a course for a business degree, he winds up working part time at a cocktail bar under the tutelage of bar tending philosopher Doug Coughlin (Bryan Brown). A new world is about to open up for both of them.

Right, I have the softest of soft spots for this movie. That doesn't mean I'm not aware of its many failings, most notably the heavy weight of predictability that pounds down on the head from the very first frame. But as simple as it may be (oh this is plot line simplicity decorated in flashy booze bottle twiddling), and the obvious cash in on Cruise's box office appeal that it was (note that his next film was the considerable shift to Rain Man), it's fun (thanks to Bryan Brown's mugging) and sweetly romantic (thanks to Elisabeth Shue being sweetly romantic). Yeah it's a hard sell I know! But Cruise charms in a way that has his haters swigging the Alabama Slammers by the dozen, and guys! Kelly Lynch pops up wearing a thong. Yeah I'm pretty shallow where Cocktail is concerned, sue me...

All together now, "This magic moment" 6.5/10

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