Camp Wedding


Comedy / Horror / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xianboyd 6 / 10

Fun low budget flick

I really rather enjoyed this movie. It certainly hasn't been graced with the largest budget and A list actors or anything, but it more than made up for that by being fun and original. The acting was not superb but it was better than a lot of television acting in syndicated shows. It may have helped that I've known some the stereotypes depicted in this to actually occur, especially with misinterpreted text messages. The plot moved along rather briskly and had numerous twists and deceptions lain throughout, while still being firmly based in horror tropes. The wit in the movie flopped badly at times but still delivered a few great laughs. All in all I came away pleased that I'd spent my time viewing the film and instantly thought of a couple friends who'd enjoy this at least as much as I. Gravitas seems to be picking up a higher quality collection of films this year after seeing this and Blood Paradise. I read some other reviews before watching this and realized that I had to write a review that wasn't oddly biased like the others I'd read. Hopefully you'll give this one a chance if you're into low budget silly horror flicks.

Reviewed by sean-lovett 1 / 10

Thought I'd give this a try. Regretted it

I watched this because it's listed as comedy-horror. I thought maybe it would be like Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (great movie, btw. If you haven't seen it, go watch that instead of this) but no.

I don't want to be mean here, so I'll say one nice thing about this. The story was somewhat unique. Now onto the bad:

The acting - some were over the top, while others seemed to be phoning it in.

The dialogue - It came across unnatural and silly. I founf myself wondering more than once "who talks like this?"

The comedy - I kept waiting for the funny, but the jokes just fell flat. It felt as though a laugh track might have helped as a que to let people know "oh, that was a joke."

The horror - what horror, where?

If this is/was a student film (which is exactly what it felt like) I'd say they deserve at most a D+ cause at least they tried, kinda.

Reviewed by moviefansme 4 / 10

Destination wedding gone wrong

More silly than scary, this horror comedy is more Meatballs than Friday the 13th, a playful stalker mystery that nevertheless is not quite a spoof of horror movies. The madcap storytelling keeps the characters and audience guessing with modern twists, satirizing fad diets, our dependency on our phones, and our natural inclination to overinterpret text messages and social media posts. The setup has fun by knowingly piling on horror cliches like the sleepaway camp being at the site of Indian massacres, witch burnings, and having at least one unexplained camp attendee disappearance. It's a small budget effort with a limited cast and a single setting. Good for a slumber party with friends who don't like anything too scary.

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