Cabaret of the Dead


Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 2.5 10 169


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Jennifer Blanc as Jayne
Carrie Keagan as Bettie
Tristan Risk as Tristan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sweems13 1 / 10


The only thing that I found enjoyable about this movie was Tristan Risk.

Reviewed by firebreathingfilms 10 / 10

Fetish stands for Fun!

A throwback to the 70's, this is just as enjoyable as the title suggests! Burlesque never had it so good - Carrie Keagan, as always, is sheer joy to watch!

Reviewed by pidstr 2 / 10

Even Carrie Keagan as Bettie Paige couldn't save this turkey.

Looking like it was shot on a cheap camcorder, and sounding like the dialog was recorded by the camera's mic, the dialog audio swaps around with nearly every cut, making it hard to follow anything the actors say. The burlesque performances have a look like there was no music playing in the room for them to work off of. A student theater group with a smart phone and some LED Panels could probably do better,. I feel a swell of sorrow for the poor soul that had to try and soundmix this film. Even if you're a die-hard Burlesque fan, you'd be better off going to see a local performance then sitting through this one.

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