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Jai Courtney as Wizz
Judy Greer as Kathy
Zoey Deutch as Peg
Lusia Strus as Frances
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by westsideschl 6 / 10

Good Start But Finishing?

Enjoyed the acting; subject matter; spoofing of Buffalo. Started interesting, but about half way it just plateaued & felt too contrived. Central character never really developed a moral hook for me. The credits mentioned $13 trillion National Debt w/medical & student listed as most prevalent. Those numbers are for 2018, now the National Debt (mid 2020) is $25 trillion (and growing), and for consumer debt (movie listed 71 million people, but now 137 million). It's largely home payments followed by medical then student & car & credit card. Paying it all off (half is owned by foreign interests) is left to future generations courtesy of Trump (in part Covid necessary; in part tax breaks for wealthy; in part for re-election).

Reviewed by unonjacke 4 / 10

Escape Buffalo?

Well since this movie was filmed in Toronto, Canada I guess she escaped from Buffalo already, so there is no need for this unfunny film.

Reviewed by nightringer-76840 7 / 10

Legally Blond in Debt Collecting

I saw a lot of complains and critics about his film, comparing it to Wolves of Walls Street, etc. The way I see it, Buffaloed is enjoyable, Zoey Deutch has the charms and naughtiness playing con artist. Buffaloed delivers entertainment with middle class flare and street wise cracks. Better than what I have expected. As for the comparison, it's leaning towards Legally Blond in Debt Collecting.

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