April Love


Action / Comedy / Drama / Musical

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Shirley Jones as Liz Templeton
Jeanette Nolan as Henrietta Bruce
Pat Boone as Nick Conover
Arthur O'Connell as Jed Bruce
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Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

It's for the very young

It was hard to avoid hearing April Love during 1957, it was number one on the charts for a bit. With every minute that Pat Boone sang this song on the radio it was just free advertising for the film that this was the title song for.

Pat plays a kid from Chicago who's been sent out to his uncle and aunt's farm while he sits out a bit of juvenile joy riding in a stolen car for which he's gotten probation and a suspended license. After a bit of trouble he proves useful around the farm and makes the acquaintance of neighbor sisters Dolores Michaels and Shirley Jones. They both kind of like Pat, but it's Jones he makes the music with.

Besides April Love Sammy Fain and Paul Francis Webster wrote a bunch of other songs for Pat and Shirley to sing. Nothing anywhere near as memorable as the title song. It got the only Oscar recognition for April Love, a nomination for Best Original Song. It however lost to All The Way in 1957.

What Pat also does is take up harness racing the way Lon McCallister did in Home In Indiana for which April Love is a remake. A sore subject in the house as O'Connell and Nolan lost their own son and this was his thing.

April Love holds up well after 60 years. As I write this it's one of the few films of the era where both leading man and woman are still with us. Doubt it will be remade though, you don't get singers like Pat Boone and Shirley Jones any more.

Reviewed by JohnHowardReid 7 / 10

One for Boone's multitude of fans!

Pat Boone (Nick Conover), Shirley Jones (Liz Templeton), Dolores Michaels (Fran) Arthur O'Connell (Jed), Matt Crowley (Dan Templeton), Jeanette Nolan (Henrietta), Brad Jackson (Al Turner).

Director: HENRY LEVIN. Screenplay: Winston Miller. Based on the story "The Phantom Filly" by George Agnew Chamberlain. Photographed in CinemaScope and DeLuxe Color by Wilfrid M. Cline. Film editor: William B. Murphy. Art directors: Lyle R. Wheeler, Herman A. Blumenthal. Set decorations: Walter M. Scott, Eli Benechev. Wardrobe director: Charles Le Maire. Costumes: Renie. Songs: "April Love", "Clover in the Meadow", "Do It Yourself", "Give Me a Gentle Girl", "Bentonville Fair" by Paul Francis Webster (Iyrics) and Sammy Fain (music). Music adapted by Alfred Newman and Cyril J. Mockridge, orchestrated by Pete King, Skip Martin and Edward B. Powell, conducted by Lionel Newman. Color consultant: Leonard Doss. Hair styles: Helen Turpin. Make-up: Ben Nye. Special photographic effects: L. B. Abbott. Assistant director: Stanley Hough. CinemaScope lenses by Bausch & Lomb. Sound: Eugene Grossman, Frank Moran. Westrex Sound System. Locations photographed in Lexington, Kentucky. Producer: David Weisbart. Produced and released by 20th Century-Fox.

Songs: "April Love" (Boone; reprized Boone and Jones); "Clover in the Meadow" (Boone); "Do It Yourself" (Boone, Jones, Michaels, Jackson); "Give Me a Gentle Girl" (Jones); "Bentonville Fair" (Boone and chorus); "When the Saints Go Marching In" (orchestral).

Copyright 1957 by 20th Century-Fox Film Corp. New York opening at neighborhood theaters: 27 November 1957. U.S. release: November 1957. U.K. release: 13 April 1958. Australian release: 26 December 1957. Sydney opening at the Regent. 8,936 feet. 99 minutes.

SYNOPSIS: A car thief reforms on a Kentucky horse farm.

NOTES: A remake of "Home In Indiana" (1944). Third to "Anastasia" and "Love Me Tender" as Fox's top domestic box-office attraction of 1957. Fox's 90th CinemaScope release.

COMMENT: Pleasant if undistinguished musical remake of "Home In Indiana" (which was also screen-played by Winston Miller), blandly directed but attractively photographed. Aside from "April Love" itself, the songs are unremarkable. Nevertheless, Boone's many fans will love them all!

Although just about every curve the plot is thoroughly predictable, the players are likable and all the production credits, aside from the capable but uninventive direction, are pleasingly smooth.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 6 / 10

Not much progress from the '44 original, though Pat Boone is good

Troublemaking kid from Chicago, sent to his aunt and uncle's stud farm for rehabilitation, becomes involved with two neighboring sisters, one of whom is an accomplished horse-trotter. Flowery 20th Century-Fox remake of their 1944 family film "Home In Indiana," based on George Agnew Chamberlain's novel "The Phantom Filly," is bucolic and pleasant, with a scenario that comes equipped with Sammy Fain songs designed to showcase the singing stars, Pat Boone and Shirley Jones. Any signs of sexual chemistry between the two have been thoroughly scoured--the previous version was actually friskier and not so chaste--however, there's nothing truly embarrassing here save for Jones taking a shower while holding her high note. Boone may have been too old already to be convincing as a teenage hooligan, but his low-keyed personality (with angst bubbling just under the surface) gives the actor some unexpected substance. Boone's scratchy relationship with uncle Arthur O'Connell is bitter-tinged, while Jones' frustration being treated as a pal, "a good sport," is also interesting. The picture looks good in widescreen and has several fine scenes, including Boone singing the Oscar-nominated title tune at a community dance for the prize of 15 dollars. **1/2 from ****

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