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Luis Tosar as Gonzalo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ferreira_fel 9 / 10

Excellent !!!

Spectacular settings, sounds and production, a wonderful journey between different African countries where fragility can be appreciated. A drama where you can feel how difficult it is to go in search of a better world. Real Things in a real world. Totally Recommended

Reviewed by fregenold 10 / 10


I think 2020 will be remembered as the year in which "Adu" was released. I've been watching movies for almost 90 years. "Adu" is one of the best movies I've ever seen, and the seven-year-old boy who plays the title role is terrific... and before he was picked to portray this character, he didn't even know what a movie was... and didn't know how to read or write. Extraordinary! Please search engine his name, Moustapha Oumarou, and read about how he was discovered. Amazing.

One of the best directors I've worked with told us before rehearsals started, "Don't act. Forget about acting. I want you to behave." To the credit of Salvador Calvo who directed "Adu," that's exactly what the actors in his movie do: behave. There's no acting; it's real. This movie is what movie making is all about. I'll cut to the main point. In every award category for which a feature film qualifies, except "Actress in a Leading Role," this movie, "Adu," should win awards. And that's simply because there isn't a leading actress role in the movie. Anna Castillo should win for her supporting actress role, and either Luis Tosar or Adam Nourou should win for their supporting actor roles. Should be a tie so they can both win. And guess who should win for "Actor in a Leading Role?" You got it. The then 7-year-old Moustapha Oumarou. He owns the part. He owns the movie. It's his movie. He behaves in every scene he's in. And every other qualifying category should be won by "Adu," especially, Best Picture and Best Director.

I won't compare "Adu" with this year's South Korean winner because they can't be compared. "Adu" is in a class all alone. And we're talking about cinematography, screenplay, production design, costume design, sound editing, sound mixing, film editing. The director is god of a movie, and Salvador Calvo is the god of this movie... and should be recognized for his talent at coming award ceremonies.

Reviewed by evrbta 9 / 10


Excellent overall...twine series of threads beautifully travels through risks, emotions, and the uncertainties people struggle with. Delivers an impacting message, steadily involving, music and naturals scenes played out majestically along with great acting portrayed by the characters. Persistence, progress, moments of happiness, and "Just Go Mentality" brings empowering moments to this Superb Película.

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