The Intent


Crime / Drama

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Robbie Gee as Pastor Sam
Richie Campbell as Gunz's Father
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marcus-11687 3 / 10

Nice effort but lacking in substance, confidence and any gravitas

The filmmakers and its crew at least have a base from which to start which isn't bad considering. Location fine, casting okay and story a bit too simple, but easy enough to execute. Flaws are no believable characters or characterization, so no real reason to love, loathe or like the TIC crew, the Police or the 'other lot'. Even the exceptionally snarling lead character wasn't NASTY enough, and no, "I don't know who the *#@$ he is" either. Script needed a shed-load of revising, as not even the POLICE in FIREMAN SAM, EASTENDERS or TELLY TUBBIES talk, behave or are briefed like that. "Morning officers..." err no! Could've and should've been tighter...but hopefully the mob behind this one will progress on to bigger and brighter things.


Reviewed by kosmasp 3 / 10

Criminal Intent

Good intentions do not always make a good movie. The action part of the movie does sort of work. They also know how to cut/edit effectively. But one of the major issues the movies has is its characters/actors. While I don't want to be to quick to judge the actors based on one performance, it is safe to say that the script does not give them anything or rather really much to play with and develop a character.

It feels like they knew what they wanted to do and the characters do feel "real", but they are not accessible to the viewer. So it is a shame and almost a waste. The movie might have had more potential if it took more notes from the movies it does try to copy.

Reviewed by juicyfruit-19724 1 / 10


Everything is bad. Throw the whole movie away.....

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