The 101-Year-Old Man Who Skipped Out on the Bill and Disappeared

2016 [SWEDISH]

Adventure / Comedy / Crime


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Eleanor Matsuura as Rebecca
Crystal the Monkey as Erlander
Jens Hultén as Gäddan
Caroline Boulton as Journalist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xlars 7 / 10

An Swedish Forrest Gump

Not quite «Millennium» - and yet quite Swedish. The humor is quite home-knit, but parts of it are quite excellent, and the style is clearly Forrest Gumpy in flavor. However, it would be fair to say that something like that could never, ever happen outside of Scandinavia - if at all.

The films about the 100 year old Allan Karlsson who skips his home for elderly people and runs away with 50 million Swedish kroner (6 mill dollars) and then spends it all in a year - before going back to Sweden to get some more, unknowingly that he has it with him all along, is the kind of fun that never explodes, but makes you chatter slowly through it all.

Just like Forrest Gump.

Rumors (at least) says a remake is on the way, with Will Ferrell in the main part. Can't quite see how this will be Americanized, though.

Reviewed by steinberger-00911 10 / 10

Wonderful, funny, thoughtful, absurd

Violence was never so funny, and so ridiculous. A great cure for worries of all kinds. The take on the cold war is charming. Perhaps it is too intellectual for some American viewers. I like also the multi-lingual dialogue. I had more fun watching this, and the original 100 year old man..., than I have had watching anything else I can remember.

Reviewed by HumanLifeMovie 8 / 10

A strange 101 year old takes us on an adventure

We get to once more see Robert in the lead role, this time the old man has turned 101-years-old. The story starts at a luxury resort in some exotic place. In storage they find some old beverage in the old man's stuff. They share the beverage and it's the best beverage ever invented. Of course there is a very strange story behind this beverage and how it came to exist. After they have the only soda, the other's want more of it, but the old man doesn't have the formula, he believes it is in Berlin. He says it's said that he has the formula, he thinks it might be in Berlin, so of course they set off to Berlin in a haste. They skip the hotel's invoice at the hotel by luring their way through it all, as always. This starts a hilarious journey with three bad guys that don't care about the rules. They smuggle apes and so on. We also get a lesson in how the cold war works in an allegory of soda. You will understand when you see the film. They make fiction out of history, which is a good way to not upset either Russians or Americans, but still give a pretty good view of how the cold war worked. This old man is really a bad guy, he does whatever, plays both sides so to speak, he is neutral, he works with Swedes, Russians and Americans as a spy. That also makes him connected all over the world. It is a very funny movie and me and my friend laughed all the way through the whole movie. I think it is overall a funny movie. They talk Russian, Swedish, English and who knows what else? I happen to think it was worth seeing. You get to see different places and cultures.

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