Paper Towns


Action / Comedy / Drama / Mystery / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 57%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 92901


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Halston Sage as Lacey
Ansel Elgort as Mason
Nat Wolff as Quentin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chubbydave 5 / 10

Five Stars for Halston Sage; 0 for the rest of the movie

You've seen this movie before. It's been called "I Love You, Beth Cooper" among many other names. It's where the high school loser pines for the most popular girl in school and, through a turn of events and adventure, either wins her heart or otherwise gains her attention and respect. This is pretty much the same.

In this case, the high school loser lives across the street from his crush. They don't interact very much; they have different friends. But the girl asks his help in dissing some of her friends through adolescent pranks and vandalism. Then the next day the girl disappears. The high school loser recruits his friends to try to find her.

This movie really tanks because the plot isn't believable and because of the cast. The girl playing the crush, Cara Delevigne, isn't very breathtaking or interesting. And the characters, none of whom seem to have jobs, seem to have an endless supply of money. The girl who disappeared just went to another town and spends her days reading books. The methods through which food and lodging are procured is not explained.

The one high point is Halston Sage. She's the only reason I watched the movie in the first place. Her character was a popular girl, almost a mean girl, but she joins in the search for the missing princess and befriends one of the high school loser's friends. At the end they went to the prom together. The breathtakingly beautiful popular girl hanging out with a loser/outcast reminded me of a good friend so it was a sentimental moment for me.

Reviewed by Diones_Santana_Critical 7 / 10

How far would you go for your love?

The books of John Green is a success that's for sure! But and its adaptations for movies? The guilt and the stars is a successful book in sales worldwide, with the story of Hazel Grace, a girl with cancer who struggled to live because of your cancer and get to know the great love of your life, "Augustus Waters" beautiful and charming Story Read more here in your books John always treats the young love and once again he hits in full in "paper towns".

We know Quentin Jacobsen (Nat Wolff), a child who soon begins a love for your Margo Roth Spiegelman (Cara Delevingne) Jacob as it is called by your friends and acquaintances grow next to Margo and lives the antics and crazy things, on a good day he refusing to take her to their "investigations" that for your sadness she doesn't call you more in the future. The years pass and Margo is spectacularly beautiful. After all we are talking about the beauty of Man Delevingne, Jacob's love by Margo distance every day over the years and he ends up living your little world with their friends focusing on studies.

He ends up accepting your normal life and routine that lives to spend time trying to forget once and your beloved, until one day, Margo appears in your window and takes you to do nine missions in one night getting even if your ex-boyfriend He spends his best moments throughout your life beside your beloved where he admires the each moment, the next day, Margo and unknown vanishes leaving clues, that Jacob had tried to uncover where your loved one was.

Film demonstrates that appearances can be deceiving and a platonic passion and vicious may be surprised, and the maturation of a young if sets of their decisions, and that friends is the source of new energies, which surprises even though with a slight quick passage where proves that J Ohn Green can surprise and even bring more beautiful stories.

Reviewed by agloverx-82034 7 / 10

Classic case of book > film

I think a rating of 7 is slightly clutching at straws however I did enjoy the film so I want to reflect that. I think that it helps that I've read the book enough times for me to have the complete story in my head, things that didn't seem significant to the story until they were missing... I saw this film with friends who hadn't read the book and they didn't enjoy the film as much as me.

For me, reading the book first meant that the film was like adding extra bonus content.. being able to put images in my head although I do think some may watch it and just notice that it wasn't as good in comparison.

I think it's worth a watch if this is your genre of film and if you're a reader.. John Green is a fantastic author!

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