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Horror / Mystery / Thriller


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by seriouscritic-42569 9 / 10

Near Perfect Film for the Right Audience

I see how this film could be a near perfect little film, or a complete bore, depending on the viewer, so to qualify my comments let me make two observations right up front: this is a film about the supernatural - not the ghostly or the horrifying or the bloody, but the mystery and menace of something that is beyond the natural as we know it. That moment when you realize you might be part of something you never thought was "real" as opposed to being chased by monsters (although there is some blood, and some violence to be fair). And if you are not a viewer who is attuned to the sense of disquiet, or who can find suspense in seeing something not quite right and wondering why or where it may lead, then this movie will not resonate. Do not bother. You'll get impatient or be bored. But if you find yourself intrigued and captivated when, say, someone's behavior in a bar seems weirdly unnatural, then drop everything and gives this film a chance! It is like the best of the early David Lynch before he become a terrible parody of himself; when he could imbue a doorway or a radiator with menace by the intensity of his gaze and the music and sound that accompanies it. In this film, more often then not, it is in the eyes of the characters and how long they stare before they speak. If you are attuned to such nuance this movie will creep you out from the very first shot.

A comment by another reviewer perfectly sums up the difference between potential viewers: they said that one scene was a man "pointlessly" setting up chairs; however if you are the kind of viewer who would immediately notice he is arranging the chairs like a taxi cab for some sort of re-enactment, and start wondering how any role-playing is going to tie in and where will it lead, then this is definitely your kind of movie.

I loved every minute of it and I was greatly impressed by the increasingly clever manner in which a simple set-up was being developed. I don't want to spoil any surprises by even hinting at what I mean by that statement; for the right audience the best way to experience this film is in complete ignorance of where it is going and how its going to get there. I had heard only that it was frightening, but it is more of the disturbing uneasy variety as opposed to the jump-scare traditional fashion and I, for one, found it legitimately suspenseful throughout (and that even includes the lengthy single take set-up at the very beginning). Excellent performances, assured direction, effective use of limited locations - this film has everything going for it in addition to a familiar concept developed in a completely original and stimulating fashion.

For the right audience, that is.

Reviewed by westsideschl 2 / 10

Very Low Budget

Suppose to be horror, but the only horror was a few seconds of mouth to mouth exchange of gastric gases (well, suppose to be human essence I suppose, but if you think about it - it makes no sense). The remainder of the movie was a cute attempt at being artsy w/lots of editing & flashbacks of just talking heads both imaginary & real. Even the hypnosis was corny.

Reviewed by strangleu-632-70249 2 / 10

Look for something else

One word describes this movie. "Bleh". No suspense, no horror, not even a real plot. You start the movie confused, you end the movie confused. Kind of a mystery...... A mystery of why was this filmed at all. I gave it two stars because of the impressive atmosphere and filming. Straight out of the 80s.

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